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I have been watching the Series Limitless recently which is a spin off of the 2011 Feature Film about a guy that was not achieving the life he wanted and by societal terms was basically a loser...

It's interesting to watch because this character "Brian" who takes a pill "NZT" to enhance his brain functions and gives him the ability to use the full capacity of his brain.. including "total recall" of everything he has ever seen in his life. 

A quote from the 2011 movie goes like this:

"I was blind, but now I see." - Eddie Morra

Sounds great right?

A Magic Pill?

Yes on the surface it sounds amazing... who wouldn't want to take a magic  pill and have everything unlocked for you!?!? Some people's immediate knee jerk reaction would be to say... ME! I'll take that pill if it was indeed true it was available to be taken...

Here is where I draw the line and have to realize not only is this just a movie it's also a movie which could "LIMIT" your full potential! You heard me correctly it's a movie which could limit your full potential.

Why? you ask.

You Are Already An Unlimited Being

The truth (and yes this is my truth) is we are already unlimited beings and because we are Unlimited Cosmic Beings we do not need to take a "pill" to gain access to the full potential of our brain function... the statement below by a Modern Day Mystic named Douglass Harding I think sums up our potential and tells us the path to find that potential.

"There is a Reality which is Indivisible, One, Alone, the Source and Being of all; not a thing, nor even a mind, but pure Spirit or clear Consciousness; and we are That and nothing but That, for That is our true Nature; and the only way to find It is to look steadily within, where are to be found utmost peace, unfading joy, and eternal life itself." (From Religions of the World by Douglas Harding) The Headless Way

This wisdom is nothing new to most of us... a good majority of us have studied the idea we need to go within to find peace in our lives and also to unlock our full potential.

So what limits us? and how can this TV show or the movie potentially limit me or you? 

Well first off let me get this out of the way since I know some of you reading this are thinking it... 

Yes I am aware all of us are already enlightened at some level, however... let me take it a step further... notice I said at "SOME LEVEL" ... 

If you take a look at the basic Buddhist definition of enlightenment - it means the end of pain and suffering in our lives.  

Enlightenment is an English translation of the word: Bodhi - which according to dictionary.com means: Supreme Knowledge.

Also the attainment of Buddha-hood is the blowing out of disturbing emotions or desires...among these could be:



Judgement of others

Limiting thoughts about yourselves and others

A more modern term: Codependency



The big kicker or epiphany for me was this....

The more I looked at others thinking they had what I didn't have or they were doing something wrong or any type of thought that pulled me away from being at center with myself then I was pulling myself away from my Peace....

This included me getting offended at anything.. including someone telling me i'm wrong... 

The truth was if I believed with all of my heart I was correct then why did someone else opinion affect me so much?  Their opinion might be their truth and it did not have to be mine!

This does not mean we do not speak our truth or we do not listen to others people's wisdom and at times learn from their wisdom. There is a fine line of arrogance and confidence. It's important we remain mindful of the difference.

The reason why a movie or show like this can limit us is because when we watch a film like this or any other film for that matter without mindfulness then the messages of "we need a pill" to reach our full potential can eventually be apart of our inner programming. To me there is nothing wrong with you experience life and enjoying movies, music going to the bar with friends or anything else you do to enjoy your life. Just do it with mindfulness. Pay close attention to what is seeding your mind at all times.

The Basic Rule

The basic rule is this: If something or anything is making you feel anything less then being a Cosmic Unlimited Being then we already know this is a limiting program. This could be from a recent seeding of your mind or an old one. Really it does not matter how or when it came into your mind, whats important is you realize the limiting belief and let it go.

It's important for us to understand we are being seeded on a daily basis and we live in a world full of dis-empowered people and souls. One way we can help them wake up is to practice our own practice.. this will give others an example of what it could be like for them to be free or their limiting emotions and beliefs.

We empower ourselves with the truth of who we are! and who we are is unlimited potential... this unlimited potential lies deep below the surface of the flesh and allows us to have infinite site unto all things and it also gives us the power to move heaven in earth. Not with our physical minds but with our Cosmic Minds.

It's our Cosmic Mind we want to consult when we ask for wisdom and it's our Cosmic Mind we want to allow to guide us to find a peaceful and empowered life. Our physical mind will always find limitation and it will have the tendency to point fingers in judgement or find fault with ourselves and others. 

I really enjoy the below quote:

"The cause of your sickness is that you have forgotten who you are." - Boethius.

Your True Self is Nothing Less Than Amazing

The "some level" I am talking about above is taking into account we have forgotten who we are so yes! Declare it! we are and you are enlightened and as you declare this "FACT" your FEARS will surface, your blocks will surface, you doubt will surface and this is giving you the perfect opportunity to face each of them and let them ago. Talking to each one of them letting them know we are not limited, we are not less... advising them it is simply not true that any of us are losers! this is a thought created by a world of dis-empowered beings... In this world the leaders are lost and dis-empowered and they play "BIG" because inside they are very small in there thoughts.

If we were thinking with our birthright! Then we would be thinking with the grand mind we truly are! 

It's time! It's time to unlock your full potential and would you consider allowing yourself to step into your truest self.. and that true self is nothing less than amazing! 

Know The Truth About Yourself

So is this a motivational blog? Yes in a sense! However, it's also more than that...

Our world today is full of violence, bickering, people criticizing, getting offended... It's important for you to understand the truth.

Yes, you have been lied to! Yes, there is a big bad group of people who really do not care anything about you or your health. They only care about their Bank accounts, Castles, Power and Control they have over you! This is true....Now we can talk about all of the details of how and why this is true but I'm going to just say to you.. Do your research! and on your journey to do your research you are going to find many things that will make your hair curl and some that will make you go... hmm I don't know about that?! 

Yes, this is a journey and you going to find bumps in the road things that will shake your tree a bit and all of these experience in the overall scheme of things are PERFECT! 

Every experience that allows you to find out more of your truth is perfect! Even if at times it can be very alarming.

What this journey will do for you is EMPOWER YOU! because the more in tune with you and your truest self you get the more you will find that inner harmony and the more you face your demons the more you will realize your fullest potential... Eventually, you will realize the demons were not your enemy .. they truly were just the hurt, scared aspects yourself that was needing understanding and love...

Peace and love to all of you,


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