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The Devil a necessary antagonist? how can we find PEACE in what we find so scary?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Recently, I've been revisiting and teaching the idea of us just living and enjoying life as it comes to us. I have always found the human condition very exciting and fascinating. The things we love and the things that we hate as well as the things that make us terrified.

One subject that scares a lot of people is the subject of the Devil and there is constant debate over whether this mythical creature exists or not... It is a constant topic about what is Good and what is Evil. Recently, I told a friend that I do not believe in true evil and also that I do not see that the devil is real...I do however know that this force is very much necessary for our own soul growth as human beings and as souls. After re-pondering this subject again..I considered the idea of our souls and how God/Universe works. How everything is created in fashion to create growth and push us beyond our limitations. Evil, as some say, is the opposite of  "LIVE" and when you think of it this way evil is what kills life... so what is EVIL?? It truly is the aspects of our consciousness that creates opposition to Goodness... Now how could we understand Goodness if we did not understand it's opposite and how could we experience joy if we did not understand depression and to take it one more step.. how could we understand compassion if we did not understand hate...

These things are all apart of life and all part of how we find balance within our lives. Carl Jung taught about the shadow and when we explore the shadow & come into peace with the shadow; we then can create a world of inner harmony within ourselves and all around us.

So what is the devil?  Very simply he is the antagonist that makes us look deep within ourselves that makes us ponder and contemplate what is correct or incorrect for us...

I recently made a comment on a friend of mines blog post in an attempt to be funny and after I said it I realized how profound of a statement it was... It went like this: "Satan was over at my house a few weeks ago for tea... he got a bit pissed at me as I used my judgments of him to make me look at myself and become more self-aware." You see when we lose the fear of this central figure and look at him for what he is... an antagonist and when we realize the fear we have of him; give this archetypal energy power over us.... then we truly begin to empower ourselves.

He is the mirror of everything we do not want to look at in ourselves.

As I ponder this I run across a video by Bill Donahue who I have grown to enjoy when I want to dive deeper into a subject. His teachings guide me in a deeper direction with my own studies.

So you might ask well Jeremy what is the evil that is going on in the world? Well to put it simply this is the act of very hurt and un-awake people. The truth is this.. if a person realized that as they hurt another they are really, in turn, hurting themselves then they would not do what they are doing.

In addition, if we were to really think about this on a super-consciousness level then we would realize there truly is no evil but there is an element to create friction in the world to allow us to define ourselves as souls. Remember, the pearl is formed through friction and the world is changed at times through massive tragedy... with that being said... also remember when it comes to the idea of the soul then we have to recognize that no one actually dies... that the soul lives on... so with this in mind, we are a huge organism of flowing energy and consciousness. So we experience we grow this organism. Much like the human body/mind and soul as it experiences it grows. Some experiences are uncomfortable and some are very terrifying... We can either judge these experiences or we can look at them and come at peace with them. Understand the truth in them and realize that the truth truly does set us free...

These subjects can be handled with compassion, understanding & and as we explore them within our own consciousness and become more self-aware. It is important for us to understand compassion with ourselves and others. What people are afraid of and fear is not a joke and it's not a laughing matter. We can, however, we take a deeper look at the mirror back to us. we can find humor in what is mirrored back to us.

The idea of Good and Evil the Devil and God are really very well described when we talk about natural law and especially when it comes to the law of polarity when we state that everything has it's opposite.

Then I would truly say to you... "If we cannot face what pisses us off and find peace with it then we truly will never find peace....

Here is a great presentation by Bill Donahue check it out for a more detailed discussion about what I describe in this post.

Have a great one, Jeremy! Love you all!

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