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Death is not the end.. it is the beginning of Life....

"Mr. McDonald, your mother has past...she paused and said I am so sorry..." 

I was shocked at the fact I was not crying or losing my mind with grief .. which is what I had expected for many years if I had lost her... Instead, I had a deep inner peace that had come over me because I knew that death is not the end.

This is partially because both my mother and I did not believe death was an ending.. it was very much the beginning of life... at least a new level of life beyond the three-dimensional world.

It was also because not long before I had woke up... I had felt a sensation of me being raised out of my body...not a bad feeling just a feeling as if I had been taken out of my body and then I was waking up to the nurse's message of my mother passing.

As I began to walk around the room I was talking in my own inner dialogue speaking to myself. I had said in my mind: "Mom, you are not going to be able to read my book... " which I had just finished writing and was waiting for the proof... " I heard right after that a strong audible voice in my head stating in so many words, yes she had read it and in fact had taught me a great many things in that book.... the voice which I knew was here assured me she was right there with me.. even if it was not in the physical sense she was still there... 

About a week later I had an even more powerful experience the day after my mothers memorial of feeling a spirit step into my body and telling me: 

"This is what heaven feels like.... and just as I heard that I lost all anxiety, pain or discomfort in my body and immediately felt bliss, love and joy in my body... Now I'm sure this only lasted a few seconds but it felt like an eternity...

My mother and I

So I have told this same story many times on radio shows and I've even had this story published in my friend Sunita Pattani's book The Transcendent Mind a few years ago... So why write about it today on August 25, 2016? why over four years later am I just now writing about this on my blog?

Well, let me just say to you that YES. I have grieved...  even though I have been able to hear my mother talk to me in spirit and she has made it very obvious she is still watching over me.. I have most definitely grieved and even though my grieving process still have been at peace... I can assure you I have grieved... and It's important we grieve... it's important we allow our physical mind the opportunity to experience the array of emotions it is capable of...

So I say to you.. First and foremost if you have lost someone then allow yourself to grieve.. and also know your loved one has crossed into something amazing a feeling I was blessed within those few moments and I'll never forget them... It also taught me how much time we waste worrying and not allowing ourselves to live in this life now!

My Mother's Dog - Molly

So fast forward to 2014... I had been taking care of my mother's dog Molly and in August of 2014, I had to rush her to the Emergency room because her stomach was bloated and was pushing on her intestines... I had been informed by the Vet that putting her to sleep at this point based on her age and other health concerns would be the most humane and I knew my mother believed when an animal was suffering this much it was loving to let them go... 

I knew she had stayed with me a few years to watch over me and make sure I would be okay....So this is when losing my mother hit my physical mind..here I was holding the last piece of my mother in my arms.. her dog.. 


Everything came crashing down in my mind and it seemed for a moment, everything I had come to understand was not helping me or comforting me...It's interesting how these things come in...One minute I'm at peace and then the next a flood of emotions come in based on loss...

I knew based on dreams I had, Molly was in a good place with my mother and she was walking the stars enjoying her time in spirit... she was a beautiful dog in life and I know her soul is just loving her spiritual journey beyond...

My Good Friend - Julian Robles

So just a few days over a year on August 25, 2015, my friend and brother Julian Robles passed away... Julian and his boyfriend Justin and my best friend also named Justin had met in 2010 at a local coffee house in Tampa, FL and had hit it off immediately and were almost inseparable for many years until Justin and Julian moved to Morocco... 

Julian's passing is when the grief really started and for the longest time I could not figure out why his passing hit me harder than my mothers and yes I could hear him talking in spirit as well. So why was I having such a different emotional response? I loved my mother and I also loved Julian and I loved Molly? so why was this experience so much different? 

Some would help me attempt to answer these questions but alas like most things we need to dig deep into ourselves for the answers... and as a result, I have discovered a lot about myself and I have also learned a great deal about what death truly is and is not...

Reminders from our passed loved ones that death is not the end

Death is not the end.. our soul lives on and it lives on for eternity. I know this because of the constant reminders my Mother, Julian and Molly place in my life to remind me they are very much there watching over me and my Lamplight Group Family.

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