Wednesday, December 20, 2017

So you are telling me you need to eat a cow to get protein? and you eat a grass fed cow (vegan cow) to get enough protein...

(Jeremy McDonald) Eye opening conversation with Aquyl Allen of Gain Day Fitness about Fitness/Protein/Health and being Vegan.

We are fed a lot of misinformation from Doctors and health professional becuase they are teaching what they have been taught. Much of what they are teaching us information that is outdated and keeping us as a culture in the darkness about health. This great conversation with is with a personal health coach who helps shape people's lives and teaches them how to do with with a vegan diet.


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gypsy spirit said...

jeremy, you need to proof read these pieces before making them public. every day on this site and its affiliate sites there are these basic spelling error/misses. take the time to look professional. get an editor or at least a proof reader, then use them.

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