Tuesday, November 07, 2017

I am OFFENDED = Your Disempowerment (with Jeremy McDonald)

Something very interesting is going on around us. We have entered an interesting cultural phenomenon and if we don’t talk about it, the potential outcome is quite alarming. We are creating a culture of dis-empowerment and victimization through the simple phrase, “ I am offended.” Due to extreme polarization and let’s face it, separation propaganda, we are experiencing a wonderful opportunity to look within. Yet many are choosing to look outside of themselves. This is a hot topic. So today, my friend Jeremy McDonald and I get really honest in a casual conversation to talk about what is happening on a mass consciousness level: severe dis-empowerment...and how we can overcome this phenomenon to take back our power!


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alex amarxon said...

that I could handle anything. When I took over at the three week point, they were already behind two weeks in the shooting. It was a mess. www mcdvoice com

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