Saturday, September 30, 2017

Peace Be Still Book - by: Jeremy McDonald

by: Jeremy McDonald

As the outside world becomes less and less stable who will everyone turn to for their support? Where will we go when nothing on the outside of ourselves will give us comfort? In our materialistic world we base everything we gain by what brings us security from the outside. Peace Be Still is a process of learning that help us understand the world from our Inner Spirit (our SOUL!). In this book the author gives techniques how to start your Inner Journey and learn how to walk and talk with your Inner God! Each one of us is made in the image of God. We are children of the GREAT GOD! This makes us just like God. The only thing holding us back is our own sense of smallness. Our smallness separates us from the LOVE we are all searching for and that is the greatest LOVE in this universe! It is time to embrace the GREATNESS that is you... LOVE!

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"This book changed my life. How would you like to be free of guilt and fear? If you would like to live your life in flo with God. If you want to let go of the past, and the pain, and have the best life possible, this is your book. You have nothing to lose but fear and knowledge of who YOU are to gain." - Francie Darnell

"When you read inspirational books such as this, usually you do not expect to much out of it.  With this book, that is just not the case.  I read the first chapter and started analyzing my own life subconsciously!  Peace Be Still is just one of those books you never want to put down.  Great Job Jeremy E. McDonald!  I can not wait for your next book." - Anonymous 

"Calmness before the storm does not mean I won't survive the hurricane. Peace Be Still guides me through a path of security reminding me that the power to control my life belongs only to me. Use this book to find the inspirations surrounding you, to create your own security, trust, and love." - Anonymous

"Jeremy McDonald has found that life is filled with miracles, although he has not always welcomed the door to them. Fear and anger used to get in the way of an extra-ordinary life ... until one day Jeremy finally gave in and told God that he will do whatever is required of him. The world Jeremy had created was what he described as hell on earth and he had had enough ... enough drug abuse, enough self-sabotage, enough running from the truth and hiding from himself.

Kicking the addiction to his misery, Jeremy began to choose love rather than fear. He replaced many of his fear based thoughts and intentions with positive ones, replacing suffering with bliss. An enlightening and spiritual book, Peace Be Still is exceptionally inspiring. Filled with personal stories interwoven with life wisdom and spiritual teaching, Peace Be Still will highlight the reasons why your life could be magnificent, if you simply take a step out of your own way and allow it.

It is never to late to create a wonderful life for yourself. Jeremy wants to help others the way he helped himself. This book is a great example of doing something beautiful and meaningful with life experiences that are less than pretty at first glance. Diving deep into the thoughts, experiences and reflections of McDonald will allow you to see the strength and courage contained within. Thank you Jeremy!"
- An Angels Kiss Book Review


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