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Journey to the Georgia Guidestones

I was raised in a church that spoke about the coming of the end of the world constantly and lived with the adults around me constantly speculating on what they thought was happening in the world and when the world as we knew it would end...

You can imagine  how scary this is for a child to hear...

I call this FEAR PORN!

So in my adult life I have always been a skeptic when it comes to conspiracy theories because what my youth taught me was to take a deeper look and not just take a man or a woman's word for it...

These people who claimed to have faith in their great God in my eyes had very little faith...

So naturally I have always been curious about the Georgia Guidestones and all the theories behind this mysterious Stonehenge type structure in the middle of now where in Georgia. There is literally a ton theories out there and rather then give you my opinion I'll just post several links below to articles with the many different theories about this structure.

The big hang up is the very first  statement said on the structure which says:

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

You of course can take this statement anyways you want and what freaks people out even more is the fact that the person who had it built wished to remain anonymous and only gave the pseudonym: 

RC Christian 

Now when I say that they are in the middle of no where I am not over exaggerating I have done a screen shot of Google Maps to give you an idea.

So let me just say that first off we were driving home to Florida and were visiting a friend in Lexington, KY not realizing there were 2 college football games happening in Georgia...the closer we got into Georgia meant that it was almost impossible to find a room to stay in and get some rest..

We finally found a Super 8 motel for $ 161.00 for the night. At that point I didn't care..I was super tired.

The next morning we woke up and were roughly 40 miles from the Guidestones and set off on our journey only to find out that a bridge was closed down and having to find out way in the middle of now where only find the random gas station to ask someone for directions. This is all because our GPS was not working and could not find a signal. All though I did find it interesting that I looked down at my GPS for it to be 11:11 AM and only 19 miles away at one point. That picture is below:

So none of this would really matter and probably actually means very little. Except I wanted to stress to you the efforts we went through to see these Guidestones and even when we were on the road the Guidestones are on we still passed by them. This is because if you are not really paying attention you will miss them.

Basically in pictures they look majestic and amazing but the fact is they are sitting on top of a hill in the middle of a farm. 

No real marker indicating they are their except for a very small sign saying:

"Georgia Guidestones".

Fascinating right? The price tag on these are said to be 1/2 of a million dollars in 1979 and they are built in the middle of no where and you can barely see them.

I have been told the ley lines are in perfect alignment for where they are placed and this probably is the big reason why they are where they are... also I've been told they line up with planetary alignments as well. For whatever the reason they are out there.. It does not matter to me they are in the middle of now where.

Below are pictures I took while there.

I also took a video while there to talk about the Guidestones while i'm there. The one thing I can tell you is as soon as I got out of the car I could feel the energy hit me hard. This place is a powerful source of energy. Maybe a reason why it was build here?

Here is the video:

The stones  are said to have been built by: A small group of Americans who seek the Age of Reason. and who was there spokes person? A guy that does not even give his correct name... this hugely i'm sure has to do with why there is so much uproar over these stones in the middle of now where.

Now i'll let you decide and do your reaserch in the links I have posted below.

What I can tell you is the energy was incredible and yes it was worth the trip! Would I go again? hmmm not sure about that but I never want to say never....

In 2008 the stones were vandalized and the pictures below indicates what happened to them:

It's also important to point out that the these stones are presented in the major languages of the world as well as four ancient languages... those are shown in the image below:

The above image also shows how the light from the stars and sun pass through the guidestones through the eye hole in the center column. 

These are some link below but I can just tell you there is tons of information from a google search. Like I was saying above I tend to be a skeptic and all that means is I do my own research and find my own opinion. I also will says this to you. Yes I know there are bad things going on the world and yes we would have to be completely blind to see there is sinister things going on the world. This also however, does not mean the whole world is bad and also that we can not live empowered happy lives.

Waking up does not mean angry, it does not mean not living it just means you are constantly seeking and find the truth, empowering yourself and allowing yourself to grow and become more self aware.



Have any amazing day and I hope to be posting more blogs about my journeys.

Love you all,


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