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How Can We Change Our DNA Right Now?

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This is an interesting article about the authors experiments with their intentions pertaining to water and also with food. 

In my experience it is super important for us to experiment with our intentions/manifestations and see what will work for us find out what our blocks are.

Our bodies were created to experiment oi this world and there are many times we are to afraid to try new things.  When we allow ourselves to go outside of our comfort zone then we give ourselves the opportunity to grow.

Yes it is true we need to practice discernment, and also we need to remember discernment comes from wisdom and wisdom comes from experience. My suggestion is to go deep within yourself and ask your inner voice what you should or should not do and ask it to guide you as you go out and experience life. Your inner voice knows exactly where to take you.

Much Love and enjoy the article.


According to Gregg Braden’s research, we are only utilizing 22 of the 64 codons in our DNA.  What might we be capable of doing if all of the codons in our DNA were turned on?  Perhaps we could perform every latent metaphysical ability such as healing ourselves and others (including this planet), telepathy, teleporting ourselves anywhere, bilocating, manifesting anything out of thin air, seeing into other dimensions, etc… It is this writer’s opinion that our DNA may be altered in a positive way through a combination of positive thoughts, intentions, sigils and ozone water, as I am currently experimenting in all of these ways on myself, in the best interests of humanity.

How can we change our DNA right now?

Dr Masaru Emoto’s research has concluded that water has consciousness. Based on this premise, I have decided to experiment with water, Ho’oponopono, sigils and positive affirmations.
In February of 2012, I started drinking distilled water.
I also drastically changed my eating habits from your typical processed food, GMO-ladened diet to virtually all organic, including grass fed meat, fresh squeezed juices and homemade smoothies. Initially, I noticed an immediate change in my complexion as well as energy levels but after 7 months or so, I also noticed that I was losing my hair and wondered if that was attributed to drinking distilled water, so I stopped doing this but soon found something even more amazing.
After researching the benefits of ozone water, I decided to buy an A2Z Ozone Aqua 6 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator to infuse my water with extra oxygen. You can find the one I use on Amazon for under $70.
In addition, as per Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research into the consciousness of water, I added affirmations and Ho’oponopono.
Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian Code of Forgiveness that follows 4 simple mantras:
  1. I love you.
  2. I’m sorry.
  3. Please forgive me.
  4. Thank you.
Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research show us that water has consciousness, so I combined Ho’oponopono with positive self-affirmations.
My affirmations are:
  1. My pineal gland is fully open.
  2. My chakras are clear and balanced.
  3. My DNA codes are fully open to allow me to heal myself and others in the best interests of humanity.
I decided to take this one step further after researching the power of sigils. A sigil is an inscribed or painted symbol considered by many to have magical powers.
Many corporate logos use symbols as a way to subconsciously influence us. A perfect example would be the Shell logo, which innocently looks like a shell, but it actually represents the sun and sun-worshiping, which preexisted before many religious belief systems.
Exxon uses symbols and sigils as a way to represent Saturn. In astrotheology, Saturn is Satan. Did you ever wonder why we exchange rings during wedding ceremonies? The rings represent the rings of Saturn (Satan). Look no further than the pre-Christian Christmas-time celebration of Saturnalia, which was a week of debauchery and drunkenness.
In this world of polarity and duality, the same practices can be done with pure intent.

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I decided to make a sigil glass that contained all of my affirmations. This is what it looks like:
I buy 5 gallon jugs of BPA free spring water from Zephyrhills and dispense it from an Avanti Cold and Room Temperature Water Dispenser. Even my dog drinks this water! I have an ozone machine by the water dispenser.
The particular ozone machine that I use is an A2Z Ozone Aqua 6 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator because it gives me the biggest bang for the buck with a 600 mg/h ozone output.
After pouring water into my sigil glass, I ask Creator, Universe, my spirit guides/guardian angels, friends and family on both sides of the veil, galactic neighbors and family, Mother Earth and my higher self to help me achieve my goals.  I then speak my affirmations to the water, then I apply Ho’oponopono. I finish by saying, “Please send these messages to every cell in my body. Namaste.
The following is an excerpt from the article entitled, “Your Emotional, Physical, Mental, and Spiritual State Changes Every 7 Years!“:
Most of us have heard the old saying that every cell in the body is changed over a period of seven years; but recent investigation has uncovered facts of far more significance to us as human beings. This concerns the emotional, physical and mental changes that seem to occur in approximate seven-year intervals. Of course there are no fixed boundaries and so one may achieve these levels of maturity at any period of our life.
Perhaps this is why Tibetan monks are able to do remote viewing after spending more than 7 years in meditation?  Is it possible that their DNA changed as well?
With this in mind, it may only take 7 years (or less) to change our own DNA.
It is important to keep in mind that the ozone leaves the water relatively quickly, so your best bet is to drink it as quickly as possible. Some reports say that it only lasts up to an hour or two before dissipating.

DNA Update

Since writing the above excerpt, I have also added a picture that includes what I looked like at a younger age along with the binary code that says, “All of my codons are open”… which looks like this:
011000010110110001101100001000000110111101100110001000000110110101111001 001000000110001101101111011001000110111101101110011100110010000001100001 01110010011001010010000001101111011100000110010101101110
I have also eliminated the first two affirmations and only say, “All of my codons are open” both forward and reversed. Reverse language is an occult science that has been used for many years and is known as the Law of Reversal. A good example of this is how Oprah’s studio is called Harpo, which is Oprah reversed. Although this is used in many black magik circles, it can also be used for white magic with pure intentions. “All of my codons are open” reversed is “nepo era snodoc ym fo lla”. I still use ozone water and my sigil glass. Throughout the day, I’ll tell myself, “All of my codons are open” both forward and reversed. Perhaps I’m wasting my time but if people don’t experiment like this, then we’ll never know. If anything changes for the better, the readers of In5D will be the first to know!


Ronna Jewett said...

Did your hair grow back? I have experienced the same effect from the same diet as you.

Betty Anne Beasant said...

I have been doing something similar with the reverse osmosis water that I buy. I pour it into a 4 litre glass jar that I place in the sun under a pyramidal shaped obelisk. I give thanks and say some affirmations. I don't know if it will help, but it feels good to do and I'm sure it won't hurt. My neighbours probably think I'm nuts, but I don't care.❤

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