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Chakra Maintenance - How to Heal the Heart Chakra

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By: Carla Goddard; October 17, 2016

Love is a divine power that empowers the heart center. It is healing of the self. A major area in the energy system that can become blocked or clogged, is the heart center.

This center is where our own experiences in life have developed. Our own perceptions. If something emotionally feels good - you create a perception of that person, place or action as a good emotional uplift. The opposite is also true. Thus this experience can be blocking point when a perception causes fear. Fear of emotional pain, fear of not being emotionally strong enough, or fear of change itself. If I change, how will I self-identify? When your heart center is fully maintained you will connect deeply with others, you will open your heart to have healthy relationships, you will be able to forgive yourself and others, and you will be able to rise above all anger, hatred, and dis-harmony so that you may experience an inner peace.

This center is where all the healing begins emotionally which also means that it is where all the deepest wounds can be. Many do a cursory look at the heart chakra as it is love in their minds, but truly there is so much more that requires our attention here if we wish to be a truly empowered and centered being.

Here are some simple ways in which you can implement simple exercises to clear and heal your own heart in every day living.

1. Build an Ark
Acts of random kindness that are done with expecting anything in return or without any recognition can do more for the healing of the heart center than any other single action. It develops within an appreciation and gratitude for life not experienced with out the humble honor of giving without expecting.

2. Lying down on Mother Earth
At our very core, the earth sustains us, it nurtures our bodies through its oxygen, the water we drink, and the food we eat. When we are in need of healing, taking time out to spend in nature can provide the respite the emotional body needs to heal.

3. Gratitude Attitude
Declare one day a week or one hour a day as gratitude power hour. During that hour spend time intentionally expressing the gratitude you have in life. To the skies, to the man upon the podium or to the Creator, state out loud your gratitude in words, art, or prose.

4. Volunteer in a homeless shelter or a food bank.
Look at each person you spend time with and ask yourself can you see the Divine spark of life in them without laying judgment. Many times by placing ourselves in service of those who are in more need that of self.

5. Recite an affirmation daily to keep the mindset within of loving energy.
Some general affirmations that can be used are:
I am loved and I love.
I forgive effortlessly and naturally.
I welcome the difference in all beings.
My heart is full of love.
I can see evidence of love all around me.

Remember that when you are working with your energy body, you are working with a very subtle energy. YOUR intention matters. Whenever you proceed with an activity above, set your intention. An example, before you go to volunteer set the intention of seeing the Divinity in All so that you may develop compassion and forgiveness within.

From the beginning to the end, be sure to perform the activity with the proper mindset and intention. Set your purpose and remind yourself as you are participating what that purpose is. When you forget why you are doing what you are doing and begin doing it simply from love, the heart center will be filled with joy and a deeper love.

Carla Goddard, Msc.D. is a contemporary Medicine Woman with a background in Metaphysical Sciences. Carla Goddard, Msc.D. is the founder of The Soulvolutional™ Way Coaching Program and We The Women Community

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