Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Heyoka: The Most Powerful Type of Empath

Source - Positive Truth

by Robyn Iacuone, August 4th 2016

What is an ‘Empath’?

An Empath is someone who has what could be a called a ‘gift’ for being able to understand the emotional state of another person. There are many kinds of empaths. Just as other gifts are used and exhibited, in many different ways, so there are different types of Empaths with certain abilities and talents.

Friday, September 23, 2016

8 Signs That You Are Highly Sensitive to Energy

Source - Energy Fanatics

by Limitless Minds, May 24th 2016

Every day, more and more people realize that they fall in the category of people withempathy (compassion), highly sensitive to energy and emotions of the environment.

Empathetic person is a person who has the ability to grasp the mental and emotional states of others. These people have a high social intelligence and are very good at helping others to solve their problems.

Being in a position to recognize that you are sensitive to energy is important, because we often think that what we are dealing with and feeling was created originally in us. What if some of our thought, emotions and feelings are from the people who are in the same room with us? Or from the people who are close to us?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

7 Gates of Initiation - Illuminating the Body, Mind and Soul

One thing we can count on for sure is through our spiritual journey we will have  hard work ahead of us in order to illuminate our lives and free ourselves from the bonds of our limited humanity.  It is apparent in many spiritual texts that the one who goes on this journey goes through a spiritual initiation of some sorts.

Much like Jacobs ladder there is a process of awakening and going through 7 Gates, 7 Chakras or the breaking of 7 Seals in order to illuminate the mind into it's highest form of consciousness.

I write more about this in the following blog: Kundalini - The Path to the Kingdom of Heaven within...

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Kundalini - The Path to the Kingdom of Heaven within...

The Kundalini or the Coiled ONE who lies in the lowest part of our Chakra System (root chakra); when awakened it rises through the 7 Gates (7 Chakras) it ascends up what is called the: Sushumna; and as it makes it's ascent it activates each Chakra along it's path... as it does this it changes the nervous system within the body opening up new pathways and attuning the body to the new energy. It rises up and illuminates all the Chakras of the body and illuminates the body.

Monday, September 05, 2016

Limitless - Unlocking our Full Potential of Empowerment

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