Sunday, August 14, 2016

Are you Surrounded by Assholes?

We are empowered beings.. and when we are strong and confident in ourselves the ones that are insecure with themselves will try to control us or put us down for letting our light shine brightly.

There are also abusers out there that make themselves feel better by hurting and dragging down others. You do not have to put out your light or be abused ever for any reason. 

Shine your light brightly and empower yourself!

It's time! :)

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Sylvia Bogart said...

Oh, I loved this! Thank you for sharing. I do have a lot of that type of surroundings. I recently took a speech class at the community college here. I did not know why I was taking it, just following my inner bliss. I say this because the book that we got for the class was as boring as hell, and I thought, this is going to be terrible. The day before the class was to start the original instructor was taken down by an illness and could not teach the class. The instructor that I got had just arrived in the Keys, she came into class wearing camo type boots only they were pink and green instead of the typo color, she had flame red hair cut in a way that could only have been like the top knot of a rooster, and she was wearing flowing Goddess clothing. The first thing that she told us was; If you have bought the standard book for this class take it and get your money back, we won't be using it. She asked us all why we were there, my answer was to learn how to listen. I had people around me who would jump on me and just start in on a lecture that seemingly had nothing to do with anything except to put me in my place, whatever that means, and up until I took this class I had tried to have a conversation with them when they did this, not bloody likely, as the class progressed I just let them rant while taking the position of being detached and observant. It was the most amazing thing. After awhile as I watched them they ran right out of steam and floundered, then as I continued to be silent and just listen to them they got red in the face, even to the point of stuttering. It was then that I just got up and walked away from them, empowered instead of drained for the first time completely sure that they did not have my best interests at heart, but were instead trying to control and manipulate me with their mental abuse. I realized also that it was not coming from a point of love at all but from their own fear and insecurities, in fact, they were not even talking to me at all, they were talking to themselves, using me for a foil. I them realized how little that we had in common. Remember the old saying that "Opinions are just like assholes, everyone has one" sometimes we are insync with the people around us in obscure ways, we are drawn together so that they can experience themselves through osmosis, as we are drawn to them for the same reasons, and it really does not have anything to do with our having anything of this world in common with each other personally, we are just there to learn from their/our experiences perhaps just the one piece of the puzzle that is missing, is in the objective listening so that we can hear our own messages expressed through their seemingly aggressive rants. We are all Messsengers. We are all students, avatars, travelers, and we have the seeds at our disposal to experience true greatness on all levels if we are simply aware of what is being offered without the judgement,insecurities, or need to be understood. The understanding comes from the one who is receiving the message. Funny thing, the woman who was my teacher stayed for the one semester and then the very next day she was on the road again to parts unknown. Did she come there just for me? I believe that she did. Miracles happen everyday. I love it! Blessed Be.

Jeremy E. McDonald said...

Love this story Sylvia! :) I've been having many revelations myself... in the end I just love the journey and even at times when it seems to be hard.. I usually find a nugget of something that makes me appreciate the experience.

Thank you for your comment and insight!

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