Sunday, May 10, 2015

7 Natural Law of the Universe

Dear Friends... HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
As I explain in the video attached to this blog entry. It's important to understand how the Natural Laws of the Universe work. This is because as we understand how they work we begin to empower ourselves.  Our EGO mind wants to grab onto the fact that anything might control it... and in reality it loses sight of the fact it is very much a part of the Natural Order and by being in Flow with Natural Law we very much emplower ourselves.

Our control that we try to force upon Natural law is really a form of trying to control ourselves and truly our control is a false sense of what is true and not true... Our release and allowing.. allows us to experience tremendous happiness and joy within our lives. It also allows us to become self aware and start the process of becoming whole again.


Below is the presentation I have in the video and the video has my verbal presentation.

Namaste and much love on this mothers day!

Watch video below or CLICK HERE

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