Monday, April 27, 2015

Out from the Shadows - Guest on The Zone Show

The lastest show I was a guest on was called the Zone show with host: Tom Evans ; This wonderful 30 min show we cover a whole lot of information. I would like to point out yes we talk about me and my work and more importantly we talk about a subject that none of us really want to face and that is our shadow.

What is the shadow? Well what Psychologist and Mystic Carl Jung believed was this:

‘‘The shadow,’’ wrote Jung (1963), is ‘‘that hidden, repressed, for the most part inferior and guilt-laden personality whose ultimate ramifications reach back into the realm of our animal ancestors and so comprise the whole historical aspect of the unconscious’’ (cited in Diamond, p. 96)

So in short it's the part of ourselves that we dont want to see or can't see. The part we try to hide and wont let others see for fear of being judged, outcast or not loved. Each of is searching for more and what we are searching for is within us. It starts with us and it ends with us.

When we build a solid relationship with ourselves the conscious and unconscious the part we are aware of and not aware of. When we love ourself in our shining moments and not so amazing moments. Then we will begin to find peace in our lives.

The shadow is the area we want to spend a good lot of time working in so we can heal ourselves on all levels.  As we gradually go within and learn to love ouselves on a much deeper level we will begin to see many amazing things happens in our life and then we will see challenges as opprortunities and then the world will be come a truly magical place.



You can listen to the my Zone Show Episode at the link below.  It is a membership website but it's "free" no cost... Click the link below to listen:

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