Saturday, February 07, 2015

The Devil a necessary antagonist? how can we find PEACE in what we find so scary?

Recently, I've been revisiting and teaching the idea of us just living and enjoying life as it comes to us. I have always found the human condition very exciting and fascinating. The things we love and the things that we hate as well as the things that make us terrified.

One subject that scares a lot of people is the subject of the Devil and there is constant debate over whether this mythical creature exists or not... It is a constant topic about what is Good and what is Evil. Recently, I told a friend that I do not believe in true evil and also that I do not see that the devil is real....I do however know that this force is very much necessary for our  own soul growth as human beings and as souls. After re-pondering this subject again..I considered the idea of our souls and how God/Universe works. How everything is created in the fashion to create growth and push us beyond our limitations. Evil as some say is is the opposite of  "LIVE" and when you think of it this way evil is what kills life... so what is EVIL?? It truly is the aspects of our consciousness that creates an opposition to Goodness... Now how could we understand Goodness if we did not understand it's opposite and how could we experience joy if we did not understand depression and to take it one more step.. how could we understand compassion if we did not understand hate...

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Soul Talk with Dr Raymond Moody

Interview I did with Dr. Raymond Moody on 1/31/2015.. check it out!

his website is:

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