Saturday, August 09, 2014

I Can Make Millions on the Fashion!!! By: Mary Morony

I interviewed a wonderful woman tonight on Soul Talk: The Author of the book: Apron Strings - Mary Morony.. before interviewing her as I always do I did some research on her and read this on her blog.  It made me ponder for just a bit.. thinking about the fact that as our fades change we are always out of reach from what is considered to be the elite or the "IN" thing to do. Making me realize that none of us can truly measure up so to speak based on the "fashion" ... so what makes us measure up? Being Authentic to who we are! being in the now of the moment and following  our own inner world that makes us happy! that's what makes us wonderful and that's what makes life an incredible journey... you can hear the interview I did with her at this link: Mary Morony Interview 


Is it just me, or have you noticed too? Whatever the current body type is “the fashion” seems to be just out of reach of us mere mortals. I am not so sure that isn’t a good thing.

Back when food wasn’t so readily available to the masses “the fashion” was to be very corpulent. Then was a show of wealth to be so. Now that we have designed food to pack on the pounds, to get us really looking prosperous the fashion is ├╝ber thin to the point of looking a little “wormy.” Certainly not a condition a thinking person would strive to achieve, but it reminds me of cute boy I used to know.

As you know from Apron Strings, I love to hear a child’s point of view. More than a few years ago, I was taking my turn at car pool. The kids and I were chatting about inventions. One of my favorites offered up by a then ten year old was a diet pill. With a true capitalist’s gleam in his eye he said, “I can make millions!” I agreed that if you could actually get one to work you probably would make millions, but since he wasn’t a chemist how did he purpose to already have a formula? He said, “I’d put worm eggs in pills so that they got a good dose of worms. When they lost all of the weight they wanted to loose I’d worm them.”

Another scathing commentary from the mouth of babes, don’t you just love the way kids think?

Her website is: Mary Morony

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