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Ascension Characteristics - When the Switch Flips Inside...

It has been awhile since I have done a blog... Many ideas in my brain just have not taken the time to sit down and write.

Let's talk a bit about the "SWITCH" as some would refer to it as. That moment when things become more clear in your life and when some would start referring to you as "awake" .  Now let's just stop here for a second because I want to take a look at the word awake.. What exactly does that mean? Does that mean you are without mistakes? does that there are mistakes? What exactly does that mean. Well as I was searching Ascension Characteristics I found this list of characteristics:

1. Every man, woman and child completes your day. All are the delights you once considered to be different, but are now aware they are part of you.
2. Prayers are no longer considered to be conscious actions.
3. Feelings are accepted, without any attempt to deny them or clear them.
4. Positive thinking comes naturally.
5. Healing begins with the absence of mental disturbance.
6. Challenges are not a concern.
7. Caring comes to all, without any hesitation.
8. Answers to questions are always available.
9. Claims of being important do not feel correct.
10. Anger does not control, it comes for the drama of living, as needed. No anger is the choice of the body that contains its energy, but the role being played demands this tool for communication.
11. Heartfelt compassion for all.
12. Misery has ended.
13. Chapter 2 in a new dawn has begun.
14. Anxiety disappears.
15. Confidence, and acceptance of all things human, are the only qualities that are constant.

Taken from this article: Ascension Characteristics

I resonate with all 15 of these characteristics. Now would I consider this apart of Ascension or just a "SWITCH" that has been flipped... has this switch caused me to be awake? I bring these questions up because I see  a lot of the times that we get caught up in our "words" our "lingo" among each one of our communities. 

If you are Christian it's one way, if you are Pagan another and among each community becomes sub communities that all have their own symbols and ways of saying and doing things. With this being said the "OWN" way of doing things becomes our individual "DOGMA" so as we start to find something that resonates true to us we then can get caught up in the attitude of "my way is the only way" attitude. 

The truth for me is this. One day I just stopped being a victim to the world. I started seeing the world as wonderfully "GOOD" .. at that time I realized even my challenges are positives, even the times I feel depressed I'm then being pushed into a level of awareness for myself.  So as # 12 suggests.. Misery does end because what was miserable does not dominate you. It's automatically transmuted into the understanding that you are going through a change. 

Right now many people are going through a change in their consciousness. Even I have been going through this transition that I am having trouble describing to people. At one point I "describe" it as boredom and that is really not the correct word. It's really more of a "motionless" moment. A time where I am not sure what to do next or what I want to do. I am not even sure if I should do. I am not in a bad mood or a good mood. I am just in a mood.. neutral... balanced. I am not content or even content I am just neutral.  I am not able to talk to many people right now. Not that they annoy me or bother me.. I just do not feel like talking...

It's more of "QUIET", "REFLECTION", Time... these times are great.. because these are the times we re-evaluate ourselves and listen to ourselves. Enjoy ourselves... these are the times we allow ourselves to dive into new areas of experience...This is your down times of which we all need.... so use this time to reflect, to veg out to be what you need to be... 

The truth is that even the awake make mistakes and they are actually not mistakes they are actually new forms of experience. The awake ones are the ones that realize that they are the observer of their experience and not the victims of circumstance. They are the ones that process through their challenges/struggles and use them as ways to find more Self Realization.

When you become awake you realize that the path to self awareness is an ongoing journey... this is greatly because self discovery is full of endless possibilities.. So strap on and let's go through this roller coaster of experience and Self Realization because it's going to be blissful, bumpy and FUN!

Just know this... when you accept all of who you are right now! when you let go of all expectation... this goes for how you think you should act or be and let go of what you think you need to be.. and just BE... then you will have the "SWITCH" so to speak happen and then you will be on your great path of self discovery... 

Enjoy your July! and Enjoy your LIFE! <3 div="">

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