Thursday, June 26, 2014

Self Acceptance is Crucial

Monday, June 23, 2014

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Messages from: Mom - Everyone has a different perspective...

As I grow in life we all know that we want to accept others for who they are and we have all heard about celebrating diversity etc... Each one of us in this modern age has heard these subjects over and over again. It's something I've pondered for awhile. This Morning, I was pondering this very subject.. thinking about the energy of people. Considering the subjects of forgiveness, understanding, judgement and discernment. 

One of the great blessings that has come to me from my mother on the other side is the connection to her energy and knowing that we are both "ONE" and that we are all interconnected... we are all one cosmic consciousness. Understanding that from a spiritual/soul perspective through the connection with my mother in spirit has allowed for me to take it out of an  understanding of just the intellect and bring it down into my heart...In the following conversation with her spirit.. she gave me this..

"Everyone has a different perspective.. the question is who is right and who is wrong? I throw out a challenge to you... Ask yourself: Why does anybody need to be right or wrong? Why can they not just be in their experience like you are in your experience? Does it make you feel better to be right? are you addicted to being wrong? Does it bring you fulfillment to be in this duality state? Be at peace by knowing that our perspectives make us who we are.. they change when they need to change and they become the greatest gift to our worlds evolution. Things would be stagnant if we were all the same page.. Instead allow us all to be in flow..."

What I have observed in my life and in others is we want others to see things the way we see it. We attempt to force our will onto others and define it as our truth. Our truth is our truth and only our truth. That does not make it not important.. it makes it amazingly beautiful....Allow others to be where they are... Does that make them any less awake then you? Nope.. it makes them awake to their own experience...That experience might not work for you .. it does work for them.

If someone is living the story of being a "victim" to their circumstances..then let them... if you feel you need to speak your truth then do so... after you speak it.. "LET IT GO" allow them to be where they are at.

Life is for you to experience.. not to live their life and force them to be the same experience as you. Our souls have a great understanding of what we need to do for ourselves.. each of us knows where we are going and that is right for each one of us...

Many blessings,


Messages from: Mom

As many of you know my mother transitioned in January of 2012... she has been talking to me ever since. Going through my own growth and adjustment to our new relationship of her being in spirit and me being here in the physical.. It taken me awhile to assimilate all the things that she has taught me in spirit. These were things I had studied and even practiced for years.. It all changed and got deeper after she was in spirit. This is a first in a series of quotes that she has given me in the picture attached.  Love you all and Namaste... Jeremy

I am in the middle of creating a spiritual center in the Tampa Bay area in Florida.. this was the spiritual guidance that was given to me s we create this space. Words of wisdom for everyday that is for sure.

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