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Among the Corruption you are still a Divine Empowered BEING!

I AM the TAO, the TRUTH, the LIFE.

Soak that statement in just for a few seconds. Let it resonate with you as you take a few deep breaths in and realize you are all things and all of LIFE!

What does the Tao mean?  Laozi explains that Tao is not a 'name' for a 'thing' but the underlying natural order of the universe whose ultimate essence is difficult to circumscribe. Taken from this article: Click Here

So the underlying "Natural Order of the Universe" hard to even put that into words!

The truth is that you are the Tao! Even in your sense of separation you are the natural order of the universe. You are a part of that and you are that!

The universe in turn is a flow.. everything that flows out must flow back and what we put out there we will have come back... there is a balance in all things and within that balance comes an understanding of a oneness between the ying and the yang. Realizing there is no separation we begin to understand all things we despise, do not like, question think is corrupt or even do not agree with is us as well. We understand there are soul paths and journeys helping each of us gain a deeper understanding of who we are as a whole. As we begin this process we start seeing things from a different perspective.

This is a hard concept for all of us to understand because as we focus outward as stimulus is happening we can create an in-balance within our lives as we are paying to much attention to the stimulus and not enough to our response.

This week I am going through a class on Private Student Loans because I am back in Corporate America taking on a job I am technically based on my experience majorly over-qualified for. However, I had made a promise several years ago when I said I would follow God wherever God took me and basically I would live in the Flow...What is God to me? Well it is the "Natural Order of the Universe." So God is me and I am God!

So one might ask what is lesson in being at a company that goes against everything I believe in? Why I am here? Well the benefits of being there have been tremendous... The big one is a re-connection with an old friend, with many lessons from this re-connection.. i'll go into these lessons in another entry.. I want to go in another direction about the reasons why I am at this new job.

There are many other reasons why I am at JP Morgan Chase... the biggest one though is I am sitting here in the midst of the beast everyone! Is it the people teaching me to do the job? NO! Is it the fact it's a business offering a service? Yes and No... What it really is and what really got to me...came as they are teaching us about the private student loans and they advise us, as a student is still in school they are having interest compound on top of interest... So basically as you take out let's say $ 15,000.00 as a student loan and then you go to school for 4 years. During this time you are still accumulating interest on top of interest. This is because these loans are simple interest loans. Meaning they are accruing interest with a Per Diem rate... Their explanation of the reasons why they think this is correct and okay for them to do this is because they disclose it within the "truth and lending" statement. This is true they are disclosing it and also stating this very fact at the closing of the loan... Even though they are disclosing these facts, what they are doing is still incorrect...

Let's think about this for a second...  If an 18 year old child is given the idea in High School that the only way to be successful is to go to college and go out into the world to get a job and then they are told without that college education things will be "Difficult." Then this is a form of coercion and when they are in their financial aide office signing up for college and have to take out a secondary market student loan such as this one.. under the idea this is the only way they can be successful... then this would be considered to be making a decision for this loan under Duress...

"Duress is pressure exerted upon a person to coerce that person to perform an act that he or she ordinarily would not perform."

So to put it plainly.. it is a "LIE" to tell a child the only way they can be successful in life is to go to college and then go get a job! If God is me and I am God and through my experience I find my completion of my wholeness.. How can we tell another person and define for them what is successful or not successful? Let me just add I am not against going to college. My friend Justin is in college and he is doing extremely well in college. He is there for the sake of learning and because he really felt with all of his heart this is where he needed to be for him. He was not there so he could find success because he already had success.. He found it within himself! Everything you need in life is within you.. and you find your inner success by your experience.

Let's get back to JP Morgan Chase.. this student loan that is given to another person is as far as I am concerned negotiated and offered to the student and allowed to transpire... putting this student into a life long of debt.. and it is done through coercion of a lie... which creates a Duress... That my friends is Predatory.. and that is not correct! So what did this teach me? Well I was in the mortgage and banking industries for years. Buying into the lies of about what success was until all of that came crashing down around me when I was 32.. now a week away from my 40th birthday.. I can tell as I sit in this class watching the drones going through the motions that I have grown into a new person. As I watch people go through the motions everyday.. not understanding the reasons why they are doing it.. watching them do things because they want to manage perception and to keep themselves from being "SUED" ... as they are trying to teach us about emotional intelligence and then we get out into the department I see that there is a huge difference on what is being taught versus what is being practiced within the department. I realize these people from the CEO down are living in a "LIE" acting out parts they think they need to act out because they have no idea who they are! No wonder why our world is so vastly out of balance..conspiracy after conspiracy is unraveling.. the truth is being revealed on so many levels.

I have felt in 2014 a huge shift is happening and we are all stepping into a new consciousness beyond anything we have imagined.

I have been feeling like a great shift will happen within the world as we wake up to the full potential of who we are.. Today my friend sends me an article from Alex Jones "Infowars" website and this article is about an investment banker who had just bought his brand new 5.5 million dollar apartment in Hong Kong. Who did he work for? You guessed it.. JP Morgan Chase.. We could have probably chalked this up to a coincidence and a man that was depressed.. However, another senior manager 3 weeks prior an employee from JP Morgan Chase committed suicide as well. This article can be seen here: Click Here .. Now I personally have no proof of anything and if JP Morgan Chase had anything to do with it. What I do know as I watch these people at Chase.. I see drones.. people going through the motions. Now I was a drone as well programmed with responses on what to say and how to say it. Professionally I was a corporate trainer. Teaching actually a lot of the things I teach now.. These trainers are teaching all the things I taught back then and teach now as well. The difference is I do not see the sincerity in their eyes. Just like myself many years ago when I was teaching these subjects and I did not fully understanding what I was teaching because I was not practicing what I was teaching. To them even though at some level they are enjoying their jobs.. they are still just doing "just" a job. Somewhere along the line they were told they had to do a job and they had to do a job that made them a level of money that was to create the life everyone told them they had to have in order to be happy.

The "LIE" is not about having a job.. it's not about having money. It's not even about a business that goes out to make a profit and receive money for the service or product they offer.. it's not even Banking.. the true lie is to allow a human being to borrow money without having all the facts. Yes they have the facts that it's going to have interest added on top of interest, making the balance go higher and higher, even when you are not making payments. They do have these facts in a piece of paper skirted over in the closing of the loan.

However, who tells this child that he or she has everything they need within them? Who says to them they are infinitely valuable and they do not need this degree? Who tells them to follow their soul and if they are meant to go to college then it will unfold and manifest easily and freely? When does the "LIE" we need something to be happy or successful stop?!?!?! It stops when we bring our focus inwards and then realize we were everything we ever needed. When we stop putting our faith in men and put our faith in the divine empowered being we are!

These Global bankers and New World Order Illuminate individuals lose all their power when we stop believing in their power. When we no longer give them credence and embrace who we are then the tyranny will end. Until we embrace that part of ourselves and allow that part of our self to unfold into it's cosmic divine self.. we will always be enslaved. Who enslaves us? We do as a consciousness. As we believe in the same lie over and over again then we as we are being duped... we are allowing ourselves to be enslaved and allowing these men and woman to be our masters. So simply stop believing in them. Allow your soul/God to guide you in your life. Listen to that inner voice and allow it to guide you and make your decisions. When you are in partnership with that part of yourself then you will truly be free from tyranny.

Find your balance my friends and then you will truly understand you are the Ying and Yang and you are the Tao... when you have balance then you will know how to act and be.. you will be at one with your soul and with your physical self. You will know when you are to make a business decision and know when you are to respond to something, agree to something. This will be because you will no longer be making decisions based on your "reactions" but with your balanced "state of mind."

Finding our inner wisdom and inner balance allows us to speak truth about Global Bankers or the powers that try to control and realize we need to forgive them: "Because they know not what they do... " they may know what they are doing is "wrong" they may even have a large understanding of  "esoterics" .. this does not mean they understand by controlling others they are in turn controlling themselves. It also does not mean they have an understanding of the harm they are creating within global consciousness. If they understood this they would never want to harm or control another.

Through a balanced and loving state of mind we are able to allow ourselves to go into flow and love them but not accept their actions. It is time to understand the truth and stop believing in these men and woman.. these families who try to control. As we let go of their power and empower ourselves, as we love them we allow them to go back into balance. We create a great flow of understanding and awareness within our world and universe. What we truly want is for the Global Sickness to be healed and the Coercion to stop! For the lies to stop and for us all including the Illuminati families to come back into Oneness with the Whole... As the truth is revealed and people are held accountable I ask the universe to bring awareness to all in compassion and understanding so we can end this Fear consciousness once and for all.. it's time! It is TIME!

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