Sunday, February 23, 2014

When something is missing in your heart.... Or at least you think it's Missing...

Scanning through Facebook the other day and I noticed the amount of posts geared towards gaining attention. Now before I go any further into this blog entry I want to share with the readers that I am not in judgement and these are things that I am pondering for myself as well.

This is the Golden Rule everyone.. What we see or point out in others is our opportunity to take this reflection and look back within ourselves. So as I see things in others I in turn take the time to look at myself. It's just my way of holding myself accountable and even more so it's my amazing opportunity to help myself grow.

Back to Facebook.. Just the next time you get a chance to look at your social media accounts. Not just your Facebook but your YouTube , Twitter etc... Whatever it is you are on I want you to take your time to take a look at what people are saying.  Take this opportunity to pay attention to your "REACTIONS" how does a post make you feel? Does it make you want to jump out and tell this person off? Does it make you want to argue with them, convince them they are wrong!? Does it make you happy, sad, depressed, joyful etc... The truth is my friends we create our stories down here.. so the question you have to ask yourself is what story do you want to play? One that is true to you and makes you happy? or one full of depression, resistance and sadness? It's truly up to you!

The part most of us do not understand is we truly do have a choice on how we respond to everything!

Within all things you do there is always a "CHOICE"  you have before you respond to "STIMULUS",

So what is stimulus? It is whatever brings an emotional response within you. Most of us who teach classes or study self awareness, usually focus on what is causing us difficulty,

Stimulus is also anything triggering pleasurable feelings, joy, happiness, laughter etc...

Primarily we focus on difficulty, Fear and conflict because these are the things we want to try to get rid of... This is primarily why I have made it my life work to face the things causing discomfort in my life and face them head on!

Severl people in my experience want to avoid or shield themselves from what they consider to be "NEGATIVE" energy. This is a form of avoidance... Because if we go back to our golden rule then what we "JUDGE" in another is what we do not want to see in ourselves. However, let's go on a step further... Something i've learned over the last year. Yes all things are our mirrors and if it bothers you or causes a reaction of Fear, conflict or difficulty then it is something we need to take a look at until it no longer causes a reaction within you... After you have done this and you can feel no more "Triggers" then you can move on. If you still have triggers then the universe will continue to bring you the lesson over and over and over again! It's not something we can truly avoid unless we want to stay stagnant in our lives.

So as life happens we have "STIMULUS" and then we have a Proactive "CHOICE" to make before we act... making a "CHOICE" do not mean we just choose to not respond.. it just means we make a "MINDFUL" Response/ one that is in the flow with our soul..

As we practice making a "CHOICE" instead of being enslaved in our emotional responses then we can start to create a "FREEDOM" within ourselves that will change not only ourselves on the "MICRO" but we can also change ourselves on the "MACRO" ... since we are all ONE then we can change our frequency from strife, stress and unawareness to Love, compassion and understanding.. we can then seek to understand before we are understood. This is greatly because we understand ourselves on a greater level. When we understand ourselves we know that when we focus to understand others and understand what they are going through, it will in turn allow us to understand ourselves on a much deeper level. 

Here is the truth and it's a hard one.. the less "REACTIVE" you are the more your sphere of influence expands or get's greater! So basically the "LESS" you try to control the more freedom and control you gain. Now think about this for a second. Think about life and when you are trying to control a situation. It may be trying to get someone to see your point of view. It could be a parent, child, love, family member of friend... in your mind they are not hearing you at all and the more and more you talk to them about it, the more and more they shut down. You get progressively more upset and allow yourself to yell at this individual. Nothing seems to work except that both of you are getting hurt feelings, and more angry at each other. 

What do you think is happening? Well for starters these are two people in their emotions. Fueling their emotions but never once looking at their emotions. No one is making a "CHOICE" in this matter... no one is acting with "free will" even though both parties are struggling for "CONTROL" so they can give themselves the illusion of of being "FREE" each one thinks they are fighting for their own freedom and on some level both are trying to control the other (there are different forms of control) **Please see control dramas below**

Whether it be a passive form of control or an aggressive form of control each of us is trying to control at some level. We are all in our story so to speak.. the only way to change these controls within us is to be "SELF AWARE" when we practice being self aware and facing what we feel we lack control in then we can begin to allow others to be who they are and know that they are on their own path. This is where the term: "let go and let God" comes into play.. the basic energy behind this statement is saying.. Just "LET GO" and allow yourself to go into the flow of life instead of trying to control life.. true freedom comes from when you realize you cannot control anything or anyone but when you allow yourself to flow.. you then in turn allow yourself to expand your sphere of influence:

As you can see the proactive making a "CHOICE" focus allows for us to understand more, be open to more and allows other to relate to us more. When we are in a reactive focus we lose sight of the infinite possibilities. We fall into our emotions and in turn are rules by our emotions. It is time for all of us to embrace who we are and be grateful for who we are... we truly are amazing beings and we are greater then what we think we are.. but there is a sickness that is within us that we can change by making a choice.. we can transmute what other would consider to be the "BEAST" within us by working to understand it, love and be at one with it... 

It's time! 

Control Dramas - talked about also in this article: Click Here

Passive Control Dramas:

Poor Me: The "poor me" is a passive-aggressive and the most secretly manipulative of the four styles. This person will portray a false sense of being a victim in order to appeal to another person's compassion, guilt or obligation through the manipulation of their sympathies.

This person causes disharmony by creating feelings of guilt and obligation, or need to appease or conform the person to their desires and beliefs.

Mechanisms of this drams include: procrastination, forgetfulness, stubbornness, lying, dramatizing, sulking and intentional inefficiency. These individuals consistently externalize blame onto others. They have great difficulty taking responsiblity for their actions without becoming agrumentative or more manipulative. Despite a false presentation of assertiveness and self-confidence, these individuals are very envious of others, resentful of their peers and partners and their self-confidence if extremely poor.

How to diffuse:

Angry confrontation is ineffective as it just perpetuates the victimization and facade by giving the "poor me" and their supporters more to justify and fuel to re-enforce the drama.

The best response is to avoid being thrown off balance by their ploys and avoid buying into their guilt. keep a sense of perspective and emotional distance while maintaining priorities and boundaries. Confront their games and have a clearly stated firm position. Evaluate the real extent, need or desire that is behind their manipulation and only give the appropriate amount of compassion.

Aloof: The "Aloof" is just a less passive and manipulative than the "poor me", but more secretive. The "aloof" approach is to create a vagueness and facade around themselves, forcing an undeserved investment of energy to gain information, commitment and emotion which should normally be shared in a straight-up, direct-way.

Essentially, they are "high maintenance" causing the other person to work hard at breaking through their facade in order to identify their true needs and desires.

By their indirectness, their tact, and their facade, they appeal to us but as we try to develop an intimate or collaborative relationship, they retract, become distant and unapproachable. They do this because they are afraid that their inner secrets, fears, inadequacies or machinations may be exposed.

How to Diffuse: These are individuals who are wounded by a perceived betrayal of their expectations. They believe that essentially no one can be trusted fully. After having exchanged trust and intimacy with someone, they may suddenly turn against that very person they were getting close to. The most effective way to deal with this style is by avoiding the defensive behaviors. Indulging their behaviors will only fuel their anxieties, fears and mistrust. The key is to call the individual on their behavior and underlying fears. Typically, the individual will either admit to the observations or they will take the extreme step of severing the relationship.

Aggressive Control Dramas:

Interrogator: More aggressive but less manipulative than the two passive-secretive types, the "interrogator" uses this style of drams by evaluating and asking questions with the specific purpose of finding something wrong or corrupt.

If they find something, they can evoke a sense of conscious in a person that confuses and criticizes their intent, position or commitment. If this strategy succeeds then the individual being criticized is pulled into the drama which will never resolve in their favor.

The trap lies in the individual feeling consistently judged by the "interrogator" and paying attention to what the "Interrogator" may be thinking and feeling about them.

How to Diffuse: Don't be drawn into a never ending cycle of accusations and explanations with the "interrogator." This is a tactic meant to perpetuate confusion and uncertainty. Avoid defensive behaviors like cowering back and giving in; recognize that the questioning is a set-up to prove their fears or perceptions. Confront the reasoning or intent behind the questioning. The "interrogator" will then likely re-frame the questioning in a way that is more genuine to what he or she really needs to know. Don't surrender to anger or frustration. The key is to be patient, moderate and confidently firm about your integrity and character.

Intimidator: "Intimidators" are the most aggressive of the four types. Their presence is well stated and felt and there is a threatening air of danger conveyed from them. They are unpredictable and can threaten, use harsh words and abusive actions uncontrollably. They will demonstrate a capacity for rage or violence.

They also attack self-esteem by creating unwarranted guilt, a sense of worthlessness, a feeling of incompetence, and of course fear. Often the "Intimidator" will also express threats of publicly and boast illustrations of how they dealt with or destroyed others in the past.

How to Diffuse:

"Intimidators" often attack when others are least able or unwilling to confront them. The best response for dealing with them is to 1) name the game, 2) consider whether the accusations are right and correct and 3) refuse to be knocked off balance. Where possible, create distance from the individual to minimize control but stay close enough to know what he or she is doing. When the "intimidator" recognizes that the tactics can't overcome resolution of haven't invoked fear, the individual may get uglier and plan a more dramatic move. Patience, control and persistence will eventually outlast the "intimidator"

Codependency I can tell you is a Hell to live in.. it's not fun.. it's actually very exhausting.. but through self awareness you can begin to transmute your understanding and really start tuning yourself into a higher consciousness.

I will leave you with this very beautiful prayer...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Stillness in the Storm : Updated: Bank of International Settlements....BEin...

Stillness in the Storm : Updated: Bank of International Settlements....BEin...: Brian and Heather did a great job explaining what this means. Ill just reiderate that the filings are VALIDATED by this actions on the part ...

Among the Corruption you are still a Divine Empowered BEING!

I AM the TAO, the TRUTH, the LIFE.

Soak that statement in just for a few seconds. Let it resonate with you as you take a few deep breaths in and realize you are all things and all of LIFE!

What does the Tao mean?  Laozi explains that Tao is not a 'name' for a 'thing' but the underlying natural order of the universe whose ultimate essence is difficult to circumscribe. Taken from this article: Click Here

So the underlying "Natural Order of the Universe" hard to even put that into words!

The truth is that you are the Tao! Even in your sense of separation you are the natural order of the universe. You are a part of that and you are that!

The universe in turn is a flow.. everything that flows out must flow back and what we put out there we will have come back... there is a balance in all things and within that balance comes an understanding of a oneness between the ying and the yang. Realizing there is no separation we begin to understand all things we despise, do not like, question think is corrupt or even do not agree with is us as well. We understand there are soul paths and journeys helping each of us gain a deeper understanding of who we are as a whole. As we begin this process we start seeing things from a different perspective.

This is a hard concept for all of us to understand because as we focus outward as stimulus is happening we can create an in-balance within our lives as we are paying to much attention to the stimulus and not enough to our response.

This week I am going through a class on Private Student Loans because I am back in Corporate America taking on a job I am technically based on my experience majorly over-qualified for. However, I had made a promise several years ago when I said I would follow God wherever God took me and basically I would live in the Flow...What is God to me? Well it is the "Natural Order of the Universe." So God is me and I am God!

So one might ask what is lesson in being at a company that goes against everything I believe in? Why I am here? Well the benefits of being there have been tremendous... The big one is a re-connection with an old friend, with many lessons from this re-connection.. i'll go into these lessons in another entry.. I want to go in another direction about the reasons why I am at this new job.

There are many other reasons why I am at JP Morgan Chase... the biggest one though is I am sitting here in the midst of the beast everyone! Is it the people teaching me to do the job? NO! Is it the fact it's a business offering a service? Yes and No... What it really is and what really got to me...came as they are teaching us about the private student loans and they advise us, as a student is still in school they are having interest compound on top of interest... So basically as you take out let's say $ 15,000.00 as a student loan and then you go to school for 4 years. During this time you are still accumulating interest on top of interest. This is because these loans are simple interest loans. Meaning they are accruing interest with a Per Diem rate... Their explanation of the reasons why they think this is correct and okay for them to do this is because they disclose it within the "truth and lending" statement. This is true they are disclosing it and also stating this very fact at the closing of the loan... Even though they are disclosing these facts, what they are doing is still incorrect...

Let's think about this for a second...  If an 18 year old child is given the idea in High School that the only way to be successful is to go to college and go out into the world to get a job and then they are told without that college education things will be "Difficult." Then this is a form of coercion and when they are in their financial aide office signing up for college and have to take out a secondary market student loan such as this one.. under the idea this is the only way they can be successful... then this would be considered to be making a decision for this loan under Duress...

"Duress is pressure exerted upon a person to coerce that person to perform an act that he or she ordinarily would not perform."

So to put it plainly.. it is a "LIE" to tell a child the only way they can be successful in life is to go to college and then go get a job! If God is me and I am God and through my experience I find my completion of my wholeness.. How can we tell another person and define for them what is successful or not successful? Let me just add I am not against going to college. My friend Justin is in college and he is doing extremely well in college. He is there for the sake of learning and because he really felt with all of his heart this is where he needed to be for him. He was not there so he could find success because he already had success.. He found it within himself! Everything you need in life is within you.. and you find your inner success by your experience.

Let's get back to JP Morgan Chase.. this student loan that is given to another person is as far as I am concerned negotiated and offered to the student and allowed to transpire... putting this student into a life long of debt.. and it is done through coercion of a lie... which creates a Duress... That my friends is Predatory.. and that is not correct! So what did this teach me? Well I was in the mortgage and banking industries for years. Buying into the lies of about what success was until all of that came crashing down around me when I was 32.. now a week away from my 40th birthday.. I can tell as I sit in this class watching the drones going through the motions that I have grown into a new person. As I watch people go through the motions everyday.. not understanding the reasons why they are doing it.. watching them do things because they want to manage perception and to keep themselves from being "SUED" ... as they are trying to teach us about emotional intelligence and then we get out into the department I see that there is a huge difference on what is being taught versus what is being practiced within the department. I realize these people from the CEO down are living in a "LIE" acting out parts they think they need to act out because they have no idea who they are! No wonder why our world is so vastly out of balance..conspiracy after conspiracy is unraveling.. the truth is being revealed on so many levels.

I have felt in 2014 a huge shift is happening and we are all stepping into a new consciousness beyond anything we have imagined.

I have been feeling like a great shift will happen within the world as we wake up to the full potential of who we are.. Today my friend sends me an article from Alex Jones "Infowars" website and this article is about an investment banker who had just bought his brand new 5.5 million dollar apartment in Hong Kong. Who did he work for? You guessed it.. JP Morgan Chase.. We could have probably chalked this up to a coincidence and a man that was depressed.. However, another senior manager 3 weeks prior an employee from JP Morgan Chase committed suicide as well. This article can be seen here: Click Here .. Now I personally have no proof of anything and if JP Morgan Chase had anything to do with it. What I do know as I watch these people at Chase.. I see drones.. people going through the motions. Now I was a drone as well programmed with responses on what to say and how to say it. Professionally I was a corporate trainer. Teaching actually a lot of the things I teach now.. These trainers are teaching all the things I taught back then and teach now as well. The difference is I do not see the sincerity in their eyes. Just like myself many years ago when I was teaching these subjects and I did not fully understanding what I was teaching because I was not practicing what I was teaching. To them even though at some level they are enjoying their jobs.. they are still just doing "just" a job. Somewhere along the line they were told they had to do a job and they had to do a job that made them a level of money that was to create the life everyone told them they had to have in order to be happy.

The "LIE" is not about having a job.. it's not about having money. It's not even about a business that goes out to make a profit and receive money for the service or product they offer.. it's not even Banking.. the true lie is to allow a human being to borrow money without having all the facts. Yes they have the facts that it's going to have interest added on top of interest, making the balance go higher and higher, even when you are not making payments. They do have these facts in a piece of paper skirted over in the closing of the loan.

However, who tells this child that he or she has everything they need within them? Who says to them they are infinitely valuable and they do not need this degree? Who tells them to follow their soul and if they are meant to go to college then it will unfold and manifest easily and freely? When does the "LIE" we need something to be happy or successful stop?!?!?! It stops when we bring our focus inwards and then realize we were everything we ever needed. When we stop putting our faith in men and put our faith in the divine empowered being we are!

These Global bankers and New World Order Illuminate individuals lose all their power when we stop believing in their power. When we no longer give them credence and embrace who we are then the tyranny will end. Until we embrace that part of ourselves and allow that part of our self to unfold into it's cosmic divine self.. we will always be enslaved. Who enslaves us? We do as a consciousness. As we believe in the same lie over and over again then we as we are being duped... we are allowing ourselves to be enslaved and allowing these men and woman to be our masters. So simply stop believing in them. Allow your soul/God to guide you in your life. Listen to that inner voice and allow it to guide you and make your decisions. When you are in partnership with that part of yourself then you will truly be free from tyranny.

Find your balance my friends and then you will truly understand you are the Ying and Yang and you are the Tao... when you have balance then you will know how to act and be.. you will be at one with your soul and with your physical self. You will know when you are to make a business decision and know when you are to respond to something, agree to something. This will be because you will no longer be making decisions based on your "reactions" but with your balanced "state of mind."

Finding our inner wisdom and inner balance allows us to speak truth about Global Bankers or the powers that try to control and realize we need to forgive them: "Because they know not what they do... " they may know what they are doing is "wrong" they may even have a large understanding of  "esoterics" .. this does not mean they understand by controlling others they are in turn controlling themselves. It also does not mean they have an understanding of the harm they are creating within global consciousness. If they understood this they would never want to harm or control another.

Through a balanced and loving state of mind we are able to allow ourselves to go into flow and love them but not accept their actions. It is time to understand the truth and stop believing in these men and woman.. these families who try to control. As we let go of their power and empower ourselves, as we love them we allow them to go back into balance. We create a great flow of understanding and awareness within our world and universe. What we truly want is for the Global Sickness to be healed and the Coercion to stop! For the lies to stop and for us all including the Illuminati families to come back into Oneness with the Whole... As the truth is revealed and people are held accountable I ask the universe to bring awareness to all in compassion and understanding so we can end this Fear consciousness once and for all.. it's time! It is TIME!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Secretion from the Pineal Gland - Mentioned in the bible reduces aging...

The deeper I get into this study the more I find deeper layers. Amazing I have been studying all my life and most intensely for over 20 years and I still find that my research, practice and study get's deeper and richer.

Today, I decided to go check out a lecture by Bill Donahue on YouTube. He is so fascinating and breaks down understanding that I have known for a long time.. he takes it a step further. This evening I ran across this video titled "Jesus The Sun God" .. you can check it out at this link: Click Here

Anyhow, he specifically begins to talk about the Pineal Gland and that it secretes a chemical that illuminates the body. This is no secret and has been talked about time and time again over many years. I've heard writers such as William Henry and many others describe from ancient Egyptian times talk about a SAP or Cosmic Sap that secretes within the body and then illuminates the body allowing it to find wholeness. This is what we refer to as being anointed or christed. I talk about this is previous entries which are found at these links: Pineal Gland Bible ReferencesLight PersonThe Number 12

Here is what I find very interesting is he mentions in the is that Newsweek in 1995 talks about the fact that the Pineal Gland secretes Melatonin and Melatonin at that time scientists were showing that it was what causes Anti Aging. Interesting! Here is a link to the article typed out on this website: Click Here

So of course I have to Google Search to find more information about Melatonin and what I find is this article: Click Here, this article goes on to talk about a: Dr. Rosenzweig and his having a theory about Melatonin and it's properties to reduce the effects of aging. The article goes on to say that studies have been conducted to give strong support to this theory and how true it is. The real kicker though is that it's the pineal gland (among other body organs) that produce Melatonin in the body.

So going on I find this research that further supports our quest for deeper understanding: Click Here, This article goes on to say this:

"We All Have a secret passage within us that is part of the architecture of our brain. We do have within us the capacity to consciously connect with Higher Intelligence. This passage way is activated by the pineal gland when it secretes a hormone similar to melatonin. We call this secretion METAtonin, a similar but Higher Octave of melatonin. The chemically active ingredient in METAtonin is known as DMT. We have attempted to compile all the relevant information on this subject complete with internet references so that you can learn about this wondrous gift that Each Of Us has been endowed with."

I looked up the word "meta" and this is what I got (Pay attention to the highlighted words): 

word-forming element meaning 1. "after, behind," 2. "changed, altered," 3. "higher, beyond;" from Greek meta (prep.) "in the midst of, in common with, by means of, in pursuit or quest of," from PIE *me- "in the middle" (cf. German mit, Gothic miþ, Old English mið "with, together with, among;" see mid). Notion of "changing places with" probably led to senses "change of place, order, or nature," which was a principal meaning of the Greek word when used as a prefix (but also denoting "community, participation; in common with; pursuing"). 

So METAtonin is known as DMT... I have studied the effects of DMT in the body and have practiced with mind altering substances to get into an altered state. Now I can tell you it is not necessary to have these substances in order to get into an altered state. You can do it within your own body. You have everything you need within you to experience higher realms of consciousness. It takes practice and one things that Bill Donahue talks about and says over and over again in the video I link above is that you have to meditate! However, what he specifically says is that you have to: "Meditate in the Darkness." This statement really resonated with me because Meditating in the Darkness to me means that as we sit in the unknown we "still" our minds even in the midst of what "frightens" us, we sit and find "stillness" even when something makes us want to jump forward and attack. Look at the highlighted words above.. these are key words, that tell us that the Greek word "Meta" is speaking about is telling us about something that is altered or beyond, higher.. to me this would interpret into "Higher realms of thought, consciousness, awareness..." In all of my study what I have found is that as we become more and more still and detach ourselves from this world we allow our selves to be in flow with the cosmos with all of consciousness and as we do this we allow ourselves to find happiness. 

Now we know that the Pineal gland secretes a hormone that will allow an anti-aging effect on our bodies. We can also take a look at the process. These facts are great but how do I do it? It's one thing to read about these things but how do we change our lives and find inner peace, alchemize our bodies and serve love and god (soul, universe)? 

So let's take a look at this:

1. First "Seek God's Kingdom first." Now before you want to go chop my head off for saying God .. Let's take it a step further and remember that it is said in: Luke 17:21, that the Kingdom of God is within you. Not outside of you but within you.. and in the link to the translation I post it says within the midst of you which basically means "within you" but even if you wanted to take it a step further. Jesus taught that we are God.. not that we are less then, or less then him..  he actually said that all these things we can do and even better! So the Kingdom of God and what you seek is: YOU! , This is why self awareness and Meditation of sitting in our Darkness to allow light to come in is our most important life experience. This is how we will transcend our lives and find inner peace. Our teachings even go on to say in: Matthew 6:22

"The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light."

What is being referred to here is the Pineal Gland within the brain... so when your Pineal Gland (inner eye) is healthy then your whole body will be full of light. 

2. Second  "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." as stated in: Matthew 22:37-40, let's take a close look at this because what does he mean by all your heart and with all your soul? It means very plainly to allow yourself to love with your body, mind and soul.. in our world we are operating from our "logical" perspective and basically from just our physical brains. Only using our physical senses and not realizing that there is much more to us then just this physical body. This is the true "SIN" which is missing the mark of what and who we truly are. We are divine and we are God's.. meaning we are a part of a divine family that is so empowered and so full of cosmic understanding and love that when we love all things including that of which upsets us, hurts us and annoys us.. then we are loving from our whole perspective.. our wholeness of spirit.

This is why practicing is vital, this is why creating a life based on opportunities instead of what si working against you is vital... We can find a sense of inner peace and love within us when we practice just being with our selves and allowing ourselves to go steadily into "stillness" this is the calming relationship we are all looking for... So continue with your practice and allow yourself to find that place within you.. I can guarantee you that happiness will come to you. 

3. As I was stating above.. Practice, practice, practice.. nothing happens over night and this universe is a universe of action.. we find our happiness from the results of our practice. As your life unfolds and you practice being still and listening to your inner world you will see the positive results and as you see that you will be more motivated to go even deeper and deeper..aas you do that.. you will find that it get's richer and richer...


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