Friday, January 10, 2014


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"As a licensed therapist, I always seek self improvement. I have studied balance and love with Jeremy McDonald, and have grown. He has a no nonsense way of directly addressing problems and facilitating solutions while causing self improvement, confidence, and joy. His methods are unique, intense, interesting, and provide lasting results." 

- Frances Darnell, MA, LPCC

"If you are serious about getting down to the core of your problems, then Jeremy McDonald is the life coach for you. When he has you sitting in front of him staring into his eyes, and he gets to see into your soul, there is no turning back. Healing has commenced! He is able to see your energy change and help you understand how the past, hurt feelings, that turned into pain and anxiety can be let go! He's a true healer and he loves you!" 

-Rev. Sylvianne Tuggle

"Brilliant, Spectacular, Creative, Inspirational, Life-Changing and Unforgettable; just a few words to describe Jeremy McDonald as he climbed the charts to become a Top Rated International Pick of the Day! Powerful and practical, Jeremy deeply connected with listeners as he shared specific how to examples and exercises to find inner peace. Jeremy 'walks his talk', and gently leads others by the hand into the spiritual journey of self-love. Any opportunity to work with, or hire Jeremy, is an experience destined to be a sensational success." 

- Deb Scott, BA, CPC

"I have worked with Jeremy Mcdonald for a few years now, first by suggesting guests for his radio show and that was a very positive and fulfilling experience. He is an excellent interviewer and goes in depth with each author about their work. 

I have also worked with Jeremy to publicize his book Peace Be Still, his first book. Although it was his first book he was ans is the ultimate professional, never missing an interview and by being an excellent and interesting guest. Jeremy was on an extensive book tour that took him thousands of miles and he was as fresh and polished for every event no matter how tired he was from the travel.

We have become fast friends as well as working together professionally."

- Sara Sgarlat, Publicist

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Stephen said...

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Jeremy E. McDonald said...

Thank you Stephen for the comment! :)

aliya seen said...

Any opportunity to work with, or hire Jeremy, is an experience destined to be a sensational success. professional voice mail message

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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