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Synchronicity - Be Still and Pay Attention.. The Universe is Speaking to you in Many Ways.... A Story of a Peacock :)

It has become so apparent to me over the years that the Universe/Spirit (God) is talking to me at all times. All it requires from me is to pay attention. A friend of mine says this: Get quiet, Get Still and Listen...Although in situations where we want immediate answers the response that she gives may not seem like the best answer but in the long run it is the smartest thing any one person giving advice can give. Here is a few things that most do not see when we are in our immediate need for answers or in some cases our desperation for answers.

Synchronicity is happening all the time around us. The universe, nature, spirit.. GOD! Is talking to you at all times. He/She is talking to you through your daily interactions with other people, through the Television, Movies, Music, Animals and much, much more...All it requires from you is to see the SIGNS! So as my friend Virginia Drake suggests: Get quiet, Get Still and Listen... This is not a new concept and it has been taught to me by spiritual teachers since i was very young. For whatever reason it did not register in my mind until I started practicing and then seeing it demonstrated to me before my very eyes. 

To go on further I want to share with you an experience I had  recently, to help you see how the universe takes you on what I like to refer to as a Cosmic Scavenger hunt. Remember, your greatest ally and best friend is your inner voice (divinity) your inner world has your best interest in mind. It is here to guide you to the right and perfect path. When you follow it .. it takes you on an adventure of a lifetime... 

My first story I will share with you just happened yesterday on 1/28/2014... this year to me has been incredible and we are not even out of the first month! This is greatly because from deep within me I have built a foundational belief that the world is a magical place and that every moment magic is happening around me. Yesterday my friends Justin, Julian and Elena were filming an informational video about our up-coming healers gathering on May 17, 2014... As they were off filming and I was getting some "B" roll I turned the corner to see the magnificent creature you see in the picture below:

Now there are physical reasons why Peacocks open their feathers for dominance as well as when they are trying to attract a mate.. as so I have been told by other people... My mind and soul guided me into Ted Andrews - Animal Speak book and as I turned to page: 181-182...

Here is what I found ... First off the first line says for the Keynote: Resurrection and Wise Vision (Watchfulness) ... 

The Peacock has been associated with the Phoenix and this is the reason why it has the myth of being associated with resurrection... as we know the Phoenix rises after it has fallen... and it continues to regenerate itself and therefore becomes the symbol of immortality.  Very much like us as humans or of anything that is of the flesh.. Remember, the flesh dies but the soul goes on it's essence is reborn and placed into new experiences.

Furthermore, the Peacock and it's ideal of watchfulness is found in Greek Mythology with Argus a watchman for the Goddess Hera, Had One hundred eyes.. when he was killed when he was sleeping Hera had his eyes placed in a Peacock...In addition, in Egypt it was associated with that of the Sun God, Amon-Ra and in Christianity it was the symbol of death and resurrection of Jesus.

However, what floored me was Amon-Ra and the theme of watchfulness...  This is significant with our discussion about Synchronicity because I have been in deep study about the Pineal Gland and when it is activated and how it is activated. Over the past few months I've been teaching a workshop called Cosmic Shamanism where I am showing the participants how to activate the all seeing EYE and allowing ourselves to be alchemized fully into the Christ Conspicuousness. This is a process done through the journey of the Soul.. when the seed makes it's journey when it is fully prepared back to the father (brain) by way of the River Jordan (Kundalini or Spinal Cord) and is baptized or REBORN... washing away the old and bringing ourselves fully into our new level of awareness and understanding of who we are as Children of a Great God.. or aspects of ONENESS the WHOLE that is US!

We are that Aspect and we are that WHOLE!

So it hit me.. WHOA!  The Peacock was talking to me or the universe was using the Peacock to speak to me... remember we are all ONE .. I am the Peacock and the Peacock is me... it was speaking to me and teaching me many things. Remember, as we are teachers we are also students... 

1. it was expressing to me as it expanded it's feathers in full force that we are capable of expanding ourselves into something much, much greater then we all think we are..
2. it was also telling me about the new consciousness we are all going into with regards to the age of Aquarius... we are going into a New Age of Glory... GET READY!
3. he was also expressing to me to be very mindful and to pay attention to not just what I see with my  physical eyes but to open my inner eye my ALL SEEING EYE up to the full perspective... to be Mindful.. even though I have learned a lot... it was expressing to me in that moment that I still needed to pay attention to the signs.

The lessons will keep coming and the awareness will be ever expanding.. Just allow yourself to receive the message and ENJOY!



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Anonymous said...

This is so true!!!!
Thank you for your great work in enlightening other beings!

Sgarlat On Books said...

There is no such thing as a coincidence!
Thank you for your work and for being so true!

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