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After my many years of study I have found that individuals live very much in a STORY or some would call this the MOVIE of our lives. The story so to speak is what we play out on a daily basis. The mistake made is that it is the general thought that living in our STORY is bad or incorrect. This way of thinking is very much a misconception. What is very much true I will present to you in the form of a question:

What Story do you want to play? A fun one filled with happiness and joy? or one that is not fun filled with sadness, disappointment and depression? 

Take a moment to think about those questions. How do you want to live your life? Because even though we can not change the fact that we are playing out a story, we can as the author of our story play it out the way we see fit... We can change the depths of our perception and create a total paradigm shift within our lives.

We Can Choose Differently!!!

The basis of the work you and I will do when working together will be based on what your soul brings to me in a session. A session can include many different techniques and many different modalities...What will work for you will come forward as it is needed...

We will focus deeply on what is happening deep within the psyche...

The connection, balance and relationship of the body, mind and soul...We will be looking deep into the root of all blocks and we will be asking the question: 

What is is creating your story? 

Is it a story of lack, disharmony? or is it a story of Abundance, Joy and passion? 

With 20 years of Coaching, Mentoring and Healing Experience you can rest assured you are in good hands when working with Jeremy...

Digging deep within you, can bring an array of approaches which can include but not limited too the following:

  • Past Life Regressions
  • Karmic and Past Life Release, coaching and transformation of energy
  • Energy Healing 
  • Life Coaching
  • Mentoring and encouragement
  • Soul Retrieval and Soul Work
  • Quantum Healing

"As a licensed therapist, I always seek self improvement. I have studied balance and love with Jeremy McDonald, and have grown. He has a no nonsense way of directly addressing problems and facilitating solutions while causing self improvement, confidence, and joy. His methods are unique, intense, interesting, and provide lasting results." - Frances Darnell, MA, LPCC

"If you are serious about getting down to the core of your problems, then Jeremy McDonald is the life coach for you. When he has you sitting in front of him staring into his eyes, and he gets to see into your soul, there is no turning back. Healing has commenced! He is able to see your energy change and help you understand how the past, hurt feelings, that turned into pain and anxiety can be let go! He's a true healer and he loves you!" -Rev. Sylvianne Tuggle

Session Costs
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(((Sessions can be conducted at a distance over the phone & typically I work via zoom)))

Please contact Jeremy at: 813-421-2615 or email me at

If you have any questions about services please do not hesitate to contact me at: 813-421-2615

Is it not time to Embrace the Greatness that is YOU! :)

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