Friday, January 10, 2014


Jeremy McDonald Presentation at Unity of Sarasota

Presentation on: Flow, Finding Inner Harmony, Joy, Happiness and Abundance at Unity of Sarasota

Real Talk with Jeremy McDonald Diving into our Psyche 

Let's go DEEPER, DIVE DEEP into UNCHARTED TERRITORIES. Our psyche.. what is it? What does it do for us and what is it made of? 

This presentation will be about the to explore it and develop a deeper understanding of yourself by doing your inner work. It's TIME!

Presented by: Jeremy McDonald

Jeremy Shares at the 1st Annual Gathering of Healers 

Jeremy speaks to men facing their fears and women leading by example.

Simply Spiritual Solutions with Dr. Lisa Hurtt 

Listen to Dr. Hurtt's show at:

Audio from when I was on my new friend Dr. Lisa Hurtts show. Thank you Lisa! :) 

We talked about a great deal of topics that involve all of us just finding happiness, letting go of FEAR and evolving our consciousness.

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