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Expansion of Consciousness. DMT: The Spirit Molecule - The way to your Soul Evolution!

It is still incredible to me the limited mind set that our lawmakers are in when they make things that would expand our conscience thoughts into amazingly new heights. I have been to these high levels of higher thoughts with both help for hallucinagins and now with many years of practice in meditation I no longer need those aids to help me. It is possible to do this without the aid of a drug or hallucinogen and i'm not saying what is right or wrong.. what I will get at is this. A government having that much control over our lives is not correct.  

There is a whole lot that keeps us from finding these higher energies of thoughts and being in an expanded state, to much Facebook or social media, Television, Sex, being upset or mad at another person our government and of course the foods we eat and everything else can keep us from obtaining that expanded state of awareness.

I want though before you dive into this information below from the: Knowledge of Today website I want you to understand and fully realize that you have a divine spark within you and if you truly desire and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" then truly no one can enslave you because the truth truly does set you free. This is done completely by following your own inner guidance and your own inner wisdom.

Because, we have allowed ourselves to be controlled by others thoughts and beliefs we have enslaved ourselves and bound ourselves within our own minds. When we make anothers opinion more important then ours then we truly are lost and truly are enslaved by mass thought instead of our own inner freedom.  You have the power to choose differently.

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Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is a naturally occurring hallucinogenic substance that appears in many plants all over the world and even the human body. Because DMT "is" the spirit molecule, it is the reason we dream and the source of having near death experience. Our bodies produce DMT in our sleep within our brain in the pineal gland, which is considered to be the third eye. Pharmaceutical-grade DMT is the gateway to a myriad trans-dimensional realms that hold the keys of mind-expansion and forbidden knowledge. Spiritual people meditate to self produce DMT into creating a inner world of vision. Dr. Rick Strassman has done a clinical study on this and published 2 books: DMT: The Spirit Molecule and Inner Paths to Outer Space. To learn more, these books are a good starting point. Why is DMT illegal if it occurs naturally in everyone's brain? Think about this. It was Francis Crick (English molecular biologist, biophysicist, and neuroscientist) who admitted to using small amounts of LSD to boost his power of thought, of which lead him to win a Nobel prize for his works on the structure of DNA. Dr. Kary Mullis (Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1993) was intermittently under the influence of LSD as he developed the polymerase chain reaction, a genetic sequencing technique through which scientists can detect certain infectious diseases, map the human genome, and trace ancestral heritage back thousands of years. Steve Jobs called LSD “one of the two or three most important things” he'd experienced. Bill Wilson claimed it helped to facilitate breakthroughs of a more soulful variety: Decades after co-founding Alcoholics Anonymous, he tried LSD, said it tuned him in to the same spiritual awareness that made sobriety possible.

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