Monday, December 02, 2013

Metamorphosis - Your Soul Changing... RIDE THE WAVE!!!

The beauty that is getting ready to un-fold in all of you is going to be nothing short of astounding... I find myself today listening to Philip Glass and his Album: Metamorphosis it occurs to me around 34 minutes as the magic un-folds in his fingers as he dynamically plays this piece of music that my inside world starts to manifests even further into it's greatness! My consciousness begins to dive deeper into a fluid cosmos that I know is me and my understanding of God... my Inner divinity begins to fall deeper into the essence of being that pain fades away and my totality begins to step even further into the fore-front.

Like a gentle ocean wave you are on a divine journey that is so incredible and so amazing! As you allow and "LET GO" these two words let go take a tremendously new meaning for your life. This is not really a walking away of your dreams and desires but an understanding that they are still there but only one aspect of the greater "WHOLE" that you are. It's time my friends to embrace not just your human dreams, not just your far off goals but your "WHOLE" your "ESSENCE" your ability to see the greatness of your soul and all of it's existence!

My friends you are not just this body... you are so much more and the only way to truly understand this very FACT is to understand your inner world. This understanding is done through constant spiritual practice and constant journeys into the depths of your psyche and inner world. This is where heaven and hell is and this is where your eternity is happening...

Meditation is key to everything to understanding your bliss, getting your deep answers to your soul questions. Is it not time to understand who you are? To truly not just read but understand yourself on the deepest levels? As I write this I feel my soul saying to all of you... it's time to understand and be with your soul more then your outside world.. even more then your family, friends and loved ones. when this relationship with your soul is rich and rewarding then the relationship to everything else will be in perfect trust, perfect love and perfect flow... It's time to embrace your journey.

Last night after a perfect weekend of a successful workshop, being around friends, loved ones and my soul family through church and other things. A friend of mine texted me and said read Jeremiah 29:11 and I want to share this here with you:

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

I thought how beautiful and how amazing is it that "the divine" spoke through my friend to ask me to go look at this passage. Remember, there is nothing about any of you that is not amazing and nothing about you that is not perfect. You sitting right there are on the perfect path and every experience is amazing! :)

Namaste, Jeremy

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