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Jeremy E. McDonald


Accomplished spiritual healer and teacher, Jeremy E. McDonald has been a public speaker for 19 years, and has designed and delivered many workshops to assist individuals helping them find peace and joy in their lives. Looking from an inside soul perspective, they are able to overcome fears, alchemizing them into love.

With Jeremy's Extensive experience spanning over almost 20 years, his clients find balance, peace, joy and true sublime self love . For accolades of the world, Jeremy is a Reiki Master, EFT Practitioner, Theta healing practitioner, and Life Coach. He has served as a Key Note Speaker for Expos, Colleges, Professional Conferences, and to just a small Workshop in a living room.

Jeremy is the show host of the online radio show, Soul Talk, on BlogtalkRadio, V109FM, GSH Radio, which discusses the transitory experience of knowing ones soul from an inner perspective. Guests range from Spiritual Practitioners, Scientists, Medical Doctors, Musicians, and Artists having conversations of the Soul,coming together to enjoy the rewards of a soul driven by spirit, and guided by awareness of the self.
Growing up in a dogmatic fear based Church, Jeremy E Mcdonald was constantly being told he was not good enough, his way of life was bad in the eyes of God, and the world was coming to an end very soon as a result of all of the worlds sins. Despite these influences, Jeremy’s sense of inner truth came to life making clear God’s love of him, just the way he is, for we are all empowered to be happy if we can embrace our co-creation of happiness.

Jeremy's Vision

Jeremy see's all souls created equal in ONENESS and knows that each one of us has a divine spark within us that makes a children of the Great God. Through continual spiritual practice Jeremy's vision is for all of us to understand, celebrate and be cosmically aware that we are all divine creatures and through our oneness we appreciate all things.

Looking to assist others to remember the greatness that is deep within them. Jeremy strives to help other souls with their journey of Self-Discovery. Understanding that because we are all ONE and as we grow together as ONE consciousness we are able to find inner peace, abundance and joy through Self-Awareness.

Jeremy is the author of the book Peace Be Still which can be purchased at this link: Peace Be Still Book

As the founding member of the Lamplight Group, which was created based on the vision of three friends. Jeremy, his mother Laurie McDonald and Darryl Melton in 2002. Lamplight Group started officially forming in 2006. 

Lamplight Group is affectionately titled a Spiritual Light Movement to be a symbol of how God operates in divine flow. Lamplight Group strives to be a living idea and example of operating in flow. Lamplight Group's Vision Statement is as follows: 

"To contribute to the enlightenment of the world, as to the divine nature, power, and oneness of all living things. This will be done through the facilitation and oversight of the activities of all subsidiaries of the Lamplight Group. This will include, but not be limited to: Teaching in both spiritual, and non-spiritual settings, research and development, publishing of written work, private counseling, healing activities, and the development of intentional communities that will facilitate a synergistic way of life."

Many Blessings to all of you...and Namaste,


Contact Information

Phone # 813-421-2615

Media Contact and bookings for Jeremy to speak at your event. Please contact Sara Sgarlat at:

Sgarlat Publicity
P.O. Box 4204
Charlottesville, VA 22905-4204
(434) 245-2272
Website for Sara: Click Here



I must say I did my research on penuel, peniel and the pineal gland in 2012 I kept it to myself and I just found this article, it makes me very happy to see how speakers like yourself have a keen understanding of how God speaks thanks for the confirmation I have a lot more things to share

Robert Cote said...

You are invited to participate in the most profound changes in  Consciousness  and in  Christianity since Martin Luther sparked The Reformation in 1517.
The Teachings of Jesus Tell Us that  Humans are God-Beings The Scientific Evidence Tells Us that Humans are God-Beings.

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