Friday, November 15, 2013


No, not wet water.

Thanks to our religious cults, we really missed out on the meaning of this one.

This is Greek mythology.

There are 5 stages of consciousness in Greek.

1=Earth (the brain/body),

2=Water (2nd stage of consciousness in meditation )

3=Air (3RD stage of consciousness in meditation where we separate from thought)

4=Fire (4th stage of consciousness where we become charged with the higher light)

5=(5th stage which is the new mind).

The story has Peter stepping out of the boat on to the water to walk towards Jesus who is walking on the water.

When Peter looks down he sinks.

What this means is that when you enter into meditation and rise to the second level of consciousness which is done by separating from thought, you will find Jesus who is the life force that comes to us in this stage of meditation.

That second stage is called water and where Jesus walks on the water.

When you start thinking is when you are looking down and you will fall out of that stage where Christ exists in meditation.

When you reach this stage you will then be lifted in invisible light to the 4th stage which is air.

That is also a misunderstood scripture which says we will rise and meet Jesus in the air.

It means higher mind.

So no walking on wet water and no flying through the air.



Karen Baker said...

It was great to see the You Tube you posted on Bill Donohue. I have been listening to him lately and he has really helped me to link the Bible stories and really feel them for the first. We talk and we listen and we don't even understand the words we are reading. Manger..Solar Plexus, Pineal, Bethlehem. This has truly took me to a higher level of consciousness. Understanding the the Bible is about the Brain. God...Source of all there is, this is truly a great time to be alive. I had an experience where the light came in through the crown, went down to the root, fired up and came straight to the pineal gland, opened it up..beautiful violet flame!! Clarity and understanding and peace has encompassed my whole being. We are truly blessed to feel the love within encompass our whole being. Thanks Jeremy..Keep shining your light. Karen

Jeremy E. McDonald said...

Thank you Karen!

Have you ready this book: God-Man the word made flesh?

Here is a link to the free online ebook:

Think you will enjoy it.

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