Thursday, August 08, 2013

I will Bare All to you…

My method of teaching is to allow you to see me for who I am.. so that you know without a shadow of a doubt that I am not only a teacher but I am also the student. I have grown to understand that there is no Master of anything on this planet and that the one that calls themselves the Master of anything has limited their existence. Once you think you have arrived with knowledge then you truly forfeit your ability to grow.

So I bare all to you… I allow you to see me when I am Raw and even weak…. What I am practicing is being a witness of experiencing and loving the experience. Do I promote peace, love, harmony and abundance? Yes! Do I also promote facing your demons, dark side etc? Yes!

I want to share with you that I held off blogging for a long time and did not do them for years because I always felt I needed someone to “EDIT” and correct my grammar. I am here to tell you that this blog going forward will be in its rawest form.. I will not be waiting for someone to edit the grammar because I am not going to be afraid of the judgments passed as a result of my grammar. Let me just say this.. I made a D in high school and barely a C in college for grammar. Could I become better at it? Yes I could… 

I am not saying I might not someday either. That day will happen when it is in divine flow.

I have been approached many times about my writing and in my book Peace Be Still I got a lot of loving and concerned friends that came forward about the grammar in the book. Even after it was edited 3 times by 3 different people still had a problems with it. I love you all and keep in mind I welcome any and all constructive feedback. However, that does not mean I am going to be limited. Do I think there is a place for grammar? Yes! I absolutely do.. Could I have tried harder earlier on in life? YES! Most certainly I could have… I however, do not see this as a weakness or a handicapped. What I do know is this.. I want you all to feel my message and feel our hearts and souls come together in the JOY of ONENESS!

What I am really saying here is that it would not have mattered if 10 people would have edited my book and if my mother or my friend Justin would have edited all of my articles and blogs… It would not have mattered because it was not about the grammar in the first place. It was about the SOUL!

So going forward on my blogs you will see me as I am… bad ( I mean errrr PERFECT ) grammar of the SOUL and all! I am speaking another language here guys and gals and I want us all to FEEL IT!

These are not weaknesses! They are who we are! Let yourself be free and if you are sitting there thinking you want to write a book or start a blog or write articles and you think you do not measure up… then you are the only one that is measuring you! LET GO! Love yourself and allow yourself to just be in the moment and enjoy writing! I love writing and I love how it feels to have the words just flow onto the screen as I type them. It’s Liberating!!! So why would I hold back or let an editor change the words that came out so freely from my soul? My books may be a different story but we shall see I will feel it with my soul and whatever is meant to be will be! LOVE YOU GUYS! <3

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Anxiety? Risk Taking? Stagnant? What do we DO!?!?!

During times of HIGH stress we maybe experience anxiety… Should we avoid this anxiety? Should we act as if it is not there? What is the right or wrong thing to do in these situations?

I have been pondering several things lately because the last year has been truly amazing with many beautiful experiences and many challenges. It started off with the passing of my mother in January of 2012 and deciding while in the middle of writing my book Peace Be Still that I was going to hire a publicist and go on tour. I will share with you all that it takes a substantial amount of money to go on a book tour. I would say very few hit the big time on their first book. The thought comes to me should they really hit the big time on the first try? And what is the “BIG TIME” really?

Let me just say this. I have spent more money that I have made since going on tour. I have simplified my life so much so that I have been living with what I could put in my van starting in June of 2012 and have had the rest of my stuff in storage. As Justin and I traveled to 22 states on our tour of the United States we both gained tremendous perspective in our lives. In addition, I have grown a tremendous amount and have learned on a much greater scale to value myself. You see it was never really about the money in the first place but to Value yourself brings a world of value around you. There are many lessons I have learned in the last year and half and one of them is the fact that if I value myself on a deep level then a world will unfold that will value me! Because I value them and in turn value myself the world just unfolds proportionately.

In turn by this tremendous love that you gain in learning the value of who you are as a Child of God you in turn gain a perspective in knowing that you are always taken care of. You are always going to have what you need in Divine Timing and Divine order. So BIG TIME? I am already tremendous and so are all of you. Having the large house and cars does not make you amazing.. those things are by – products of an experience. There is nothing wrong with any of those beautiful things and ENJOY THEM! Just like Justin and I enjoyed traveling all over the country.

Here is the key Lesson.. if you value yourself and Value the Divine spark within you.. I can guarantee you that your world will un-fold and start preparing you for a life that is so amazing! Does that mean it does not come with lessons? Does that mean you will not have high stress? The answer to that is NO… as peaceful as I have gotten in my life I still have stress at times. Now the difference is that stress no longer rules my life as it did before. Recently, I have decided to go back and get a corporate job and find one that I will truly enjoy! So I have been offered a job as a Trainer and will be building a training department for a small company in Clearwater, Florida.. something I love! Building something, developing something and coaching others to finding success and these are the things that set me on FIRE! With that being said… I also last Thursday found out that I had to find a place to live rather fast because my friends I was renting a room from were being evicted from their home. A thousand voices went off in my head and all of those emotions made me feel a ton of different emotions. Was I stressed? YES! Was I experiencing Anxiety? YES! The key here is to remember that I was taken care of.. My EGO wanted to go in a million directions and even tried to give me a guilt trip for even doing all of this tour and leaving my last job over a year ago….What those voices didn’t realize is by not allowing myself to LIVE by not taking a risk I would have been stagnant. I would not have grown or learned the lessons I have learned. We cannot sit in a shelter and just wait for life to happen. It’s impossible to feel joy in life without allowing ourselves to experience life.. It’s impossible to learn how to ride a bike without falling down a few times. The question you have to ask yourself is the falling down part is that bad or is that AMAZING?!?! Those amazing times of falling down are the best experiences I have had.. Sure are the scary at times? YES! Do the make you feel 1000 or more emotions?!?! The answer is YES! However, is that not living? Allowing ourselves to experience living, experience our emotions. I would say a good portion of us are un-willing to experience life for what it is.. AN EXPERIENCE! All of us are waiting for that one big thing to happen for us but are un-willing to live or experience within the experiment of living.

I am truly blessed to have a place to stay and I am looking at new places to live to move on to the next chapter in my life.

I will leave you with this.. if you are feeling frustrated then there is probably a stagnant part of your life you are not looking at.. where are you afraid? Where do you need to maybe stretch a bit and look at taking a risk.. where is your 20 seconds of courage?!?! Remember you are always taking care of..follow your soul and it will guide you gracefully through this amazing existence.

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