Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Introduction to Lamplight Group

Jeremy E McDonald Founder of the Lamplight Group and accomplished Soul Healer and Radio host discusses the genesis of the Lamplight Group. Fellow members Justin Deschamps and Sylvia Anne Tuggle tell us how the Lamplight Group has helped empower them in their lives.

"To contribute to the enlightenment of the world, as to the divine nature, power, and oneness of all living things. This will be done through the facilitation and oversight of the activities of all subsidiaries of the Lamplight Group. This will include, but not be limited to: Teaching in both spiritual, and non-spiritual settings, research and development, publishing of written work, private counseling, healing activities, and the development of intentional communities that will facilitate a synergistic way of life."

World Peace from the inside, Lamplight Group

Life Coach and Radio Host Jeremy E. McDonald discusses his view on creating world peace. World Peace is all around us, it is in the moments we may not be taking the time time appreciate. World Peace comes from within, and it is this view point which transcends all temporal and material difficulties. The master views the world as a reflection of an internal experience, therefor happiness and peace, on a global level will only be attained as a result of a personal and internal effort.

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