Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Celebrate Spiritual Diversity

Wow, am I excited!!! In the past week, I have had the most amazing shifts in my conscious thought and I have become even more peaceful within myself. I cannot even explain to you the warm loving feeling I have in myself right now!

It makes me want to go outside and scream “I love being alive”!!!!!! The cool part is that this is exactly what I am screaming inside of myself. I had an extraordinary experience yesterday and today; the blessing of a wonderful conversation via email, with a woman that is very strong in her faith as a Christian. I commend her and bless her because of her extraordinary strength to believe in what she understands. I also bless her for being an amazing mirror for me and teaching me a great lesson that all of us would be blessed to learn. She is no less or no better for her beliefs. She is strong in her beliefs and shows a tremendous amount of integrity, but there is no better way or lesser way in spirituality.

I realized during our exchange of information that she uses the same scriptures from the Bible as I do and the subtle difference is that she sees herself as small and a vessel of God while I see myself as God and a vessel of God, the one consciousness. I see myself with love in myself and she sees herself with love through God, as given to her. I see myself as my own salvation and she sees herself as being saved through Jesus Christ. What I realized is that all the words are the same; it is the feeling behind what we are saying. I feel free and very amazing when I touch her energy. She feels free, as well, in her own space and beliefs. It was an amazing exchange of our individual beliefs and energies. We were both strong and steadfast in each email response, and in the end our conversation just became about normal things and a peace settled between us. When I entered into the conversation, I made sure I let go and checked myself and my Ego before exchanging with her. When we were done, I felt a surge of love go through me because I experienced compassion for myself as I gave to her.

The amazing thing I want to share with you all is that this exchange had nothing to do with who she is, and everything to do with me. This was an experience of my integrity with my own beliefs. Was I going to feel small as she was saying we were sinners and not Gods? Was I going to make her feel small because I thought my beliefs were better? No, to both. I let my own inner God Presence take over, and as I kept my self grand, the words coming out of me were meant to encourage her to feel grand and keep her strong in who she is as a person. I realized that when you give compassion, you are not only helping yourself with peace from within, but as you become peaceful, you also help others to find peace.

That is amazing! Remember to align yourself with your higher thoughts when another intends to bring you into judgment and hold you in the illusion of superiority. The simple fact is that you are pure love, pure light, and you are grand and big. When you allow judgment to make you feel small, you fall out of alignment with who you really are;…God. As you grow more peaceful inside, love will manifest and you will feel your own magnificence. There will no longer be a need to be “better” than anyone else, because you will know you are God throughout your entire being. The words will become feelings, and the need to fight or defend who you are to anyone else will dissolve because you will be steadfast in your “knowingness”. That is God.

God is love and God is confident in ALL creation. In that moment, when struggle stops, you find peace and become “ONE” with your inner and higher being. Then you know that the peaceful inside creates the peaceful outside.


Namaste, and Peace be with you. May all beings benefit.


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