Sunday, April 26, 2009

EGO - By: Jeremy McDonald

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the EGO and it’s reaction to stimuli that gives us pain, or makes us feel threatened. As I have become more self aware, it becomes easier for me to be an observer in the world instead of participating in the reactions I see so often.

One thing that came to me recently is that when I have the perception that someone has wronged me, what is being hurt is my Ego. This is because the EGO is trying to protect me from being hurt. We have been trained in our culture to FEAR things that we cannot see, hear, feel, touch or prove. This happens in so many different aspects of our lives, and many people are unaware of it, as this has become instinctual. One example of this is the Economy, both national, and world. Many people are afraid of what will happen. They are so focused on the possible conspiracies of why this is happening, and their own losses, that they are unable to see the whole picture. Many people I have spoken with are operating from a fearful, victim mentality instead of seeing this as an experience that they are having right now. An experience that they have the power to change whenever they want to change it. I hear about the foreclosure rate, and the unemployment rate, and I can see the panic that people are in, the total fear of losing what they have now. What I have been focusing my attention on is to help people understand that none of these physical things matter as much as the pure love that they must find in their souls. Physical things can be replaced.

On the surface, it looks like we are losing our way of life, but consider this. There is an age old saying that states that where there is positive change there must be loss of the old ways. What I see is the falling of the old and the rise of the new. What is happening in the world is a great transition to a better way of thinking and living. This is not the first time or last time but it is simply the time we are experiencing right now. Many of the things that we are losing right now will become the catalysts for change. The EGO wants to blame someone when things go wrong, it wants to say that others have caused the crisis that we are experiencing. My own EGO wanted to do this when I lost my job, relationship, car, and home. What that experience taught me is that I drew those experiences to myself, and I was a co-creator in that reality. We make our own reality, either consciously, or by default. These realizations were not meant to make me feel guilty, and judge myself, but to help me be more self aware. Now I have learned to create a new reality of peace, joy, and self love. The journey has been difficult, but only because my own EGO fought me every step of the way, trying to control the outcome. I was using psychics, my own intuitive ability, doing everything I could to control the outcome of my life. This was because my own EGO did not want to do one very important thing, to just relax and let life happen. My EGO wanted to believe that I was allowing myself to be controlled, but it truly is not. It is the most liberating thing you can do for yourself.

When I say just relax and let GOD handle it, most people want to know how I can let some GOD that I have never met control me! What I say to them is that the GOD that they would be allowing to handle the problem is their own higher self! It is your own soul, that is always connected to the divine. The soul always knows what will make you happy. Your own soul can show you a happier way of living, if you will allow it.

So as we fight within ourselves, and point the finger at others, projecting out to them what we are feeling inside, and we lose sight of what really matters. We look outside of ourselves, to find things that we think will help us feel happy, and better about ourselves. When we do this, the things that we seek out to make us happy become addictions. This includes food, love, drugs, sex, work, shopping, beauty etc... Every one of these things can become addictions if you do them for the purpose of making yourself happy. If we have already found happiness inside of ourselves, then these things will only enhance our already happy state of mind. Once you are happy and comfortable with who you are, (not just tolerating who you are) then love becomes an enhancement to your life. You see I lived with this in my life with everything from my relationship, to work, to DRUGS and partying. I was looking for happiness in my life, but I was not looking for it within myself. When the EGO is getting upset with and reacting to a situation, it is because it is afraid of losing something, and it has not let go of the experience it is currently having. It does not like change, because it fears pain and loss. Change makes our EGO feel threatened.

A peaceful state within comes from letting go of these addictions, and our emotional connection to them, and allowing them to enhance our lives but not rule our lives. The Buddhists teach that eating food and drinking water are an addiction. This does not say that these things are not necessary to live, but even living itself can be and addiction. This is because if you fear dying then to live becomes an addiction. You see the EGO is fearful of dieing because it cannot see the possibility of an afterlife. What the EGO needs to be trained to understand is that the SOUL (meaning you) cannot die. The physical body you so grasp onto is just a reflection of a higher aspect of you. So work on the fears you have so that you can convert into the pure love and light that you are at a soul level. All humans are pure love at their soul level. No one is intrinsically evil. If we connect to our higher selves, and let that guide us, then we begin to live from a state of pure love, and then we find peace and joy in our lives. This is how all of the great Masters lived. This is enlightenment.

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