Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Celebrate Spiritual Diversity

Wow, am I excited!!! In the past week, I have had the most amazing shifts in my conscious thought and I have become even more peaceful within myself. I cannot even explain to you the warm loving feeling I have in myself right now!

It makes me want to go outside and scream “I love being alive”!!!!!! The cool part is that this is exactly what I am screaming inside of myself. I had an extraordinary experience yesterday and today; the blessing of a wonderful conversation via email, with a woman that is very strong in her faith as a Christian. I commend her and bless her because of her extraordinary strength to believe in what she understands. I also bless her for being an amazing mirror for me and teaching me a great lesson that all of us would be blessed to learn. She is no less or no better for her beliefs. She is strong in her beliefs and shows a tremendous amount of integrity, but there is no better way or lesser way in spirituality.

I realized during our exchange of information that she uses the same scriptures from the Bible as I do and the subtle difference is that she sees herself as small and a vessel of God while I see myself as God and a vessel of God, the one consciousness. I see myself with love in myself and she sees herself with love through God, as given to her. I see myself as my own salvation and she sees herself as being saved through Jesus Christ. What I realized is that all the words are the same; it is the feeling behind what we are saying. I feel free and very amazing when I touch her energy. She feels free, as well, in her own space and beliefs. It was an amazing exchange of our individual beliefs and energies. We were both strong and steadfast in each email response, and in the end our conversation just became about normal things and a peace settled between us. When I entered into the conversation, I made sure I let go and checked myself and my Ego before exchanging with her. When we were done, I felt a surge of love go through me because I experienced compassion for myself as I gave to her.

The amazing thing I want to share with you all is that this exchange had nothing to do with who she is, and everything to do with me. This was an experience of my integrity with my own beliefs. Was I going to feel small as she was saying we were sinners and not Gods? Was I going to make her feel small because I thought my beliefs were better? No, to both. I let my own inner God Presence take over, and as I kept my self grand, the words coming out of me were meant to encourage her to feel grand and keep her strong in who she is as a person. I realized that when you give compassion, you are not only helping yourself with peace from within, but as you become peaceful, you also help others to find peace.

That is amazing! Remember to align yourself with your higher thoughts when another intends to bring you into judgment and hold you in the illusion of superiority. The simple fact is that you are pure love, pure light, and you are grand and big. When you allow judgment to make you feel small, you fall out of alignment with who you really are;…God. As you grow more peaceful inside, love will manifest and you will feel your own magnificence. There will no longer be a need to be “better” than anyone else, because you will know you are God throughout your entire being. The words will become feelings, and the need to fight or defend who you are to anyone else will dissolve because you will be steadfast in your “knowingness”. That is God.

God is love and God is confident in ALL creation. In that moment, when struggle stops, you find peace and become “ONE” with your inner and higher being. Then you know that the peaceful inside creates the peaceful outside.


Namaste, and Peace be with you. May all beings benefit.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

EGO - By: Jeremy McDonald

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the EGO and it’s reaction to stimuli that gives us pain, or makes us feel threatened. As I have become more self aware, it becomes easier for me to be an observer in the world instead of participating in the reactions I see so often.

One thing that came to me recently is that when I have the perception that someone has wronged me, what is being hurt is my Ego. This is because the EGO is trying to protect me from being hurt. We have been trained in our culture to FEAR things that we cannot see, hear, feel, touch or prove. This happens in so many different aspects of our lives, and many people are unaware of it, as this has become instinctual. One example of this is the Economy, both national, and world. Many people are afraid of what will happen. They are so focused on the possible conspiracies of why this is happening, and their own losses, that they are unable to see the whole picture. Many people I have spoken with are operating from a fearful, victim mentality instead of seeing this as an experience that they are having right now. An experience that they have the power to change whenever they want to change it. I hear about the foreclosure rate, and the unemployment rate, and I can see the panic that people are in, the total fear of losing what they have now. What I have been focusing my attention on is to help people understand that none of these physical things matter as much as the pure love that they must find in their souls. Physical things can be replaced.

On the surface, it looks like we are losing our way of life, but consider this. There is an age old saying that states that where there is positive change there must be loss of the old ways. What I see is the falling of the old and the rise of the new. What is happening in the world is a great transition to a better way of thinking and living. This is not the first time or last time but it is simply the time we are experiencing right now. Many of the things that we are losing right now will become the catalysts for change. The EGO wants to blame someone when things go wrong, it wants to say that others have caused the crisis that we are experiencing. My own EGO wanted to do this when I lost my job, relationship, car, and home. What that experience taught me is that I drew those experiences to myself, and I was a co-creator in that reality. We make our own reality, either consciously, or by default. These realizations were not meant to make me feel guilty, and judge myself, but to help me be more self aware. Now I have learned to create a new reality of peace, joy, and self love. The journey has been difficult, but only because my own EGO fought me every step of the way, trying to control the outcome. I was using psychics, my own intuitive ability, doing everything I could to control the outcome of my life. This was because my own EGO did not want to do one very important thing, to just relax and let life happen. My EGO wanted to believe that I was allowing myself to be controlled, but it truly is not. It is the most liberating thing you can do for yourself.

When I say just relax and let GOD handle it, most people want to know how I can let some GOD that I have never met control me! What I say to them is that the GOD that they would be allowing to handle the problem is their own higher self! It is your own soul, that is always connected to the divine. The soul always knows what will make you happy. Your own soul can show you a happier way of living, if you will allow it.

So as we fight within ourselves, and point the finger at others, projecting out to them what we are feeling inside, and we lose sight of what really matters. We look outside of ourselves, to find things that we think will help us feel happy, and better about ourselves. When we do this, the things that we seek out to make us happy become addictions. This includes food, love, drugs, sex, work, shopping, beauty etc... Every one of these things can become addictions if you do them for the purpose of making yourself happy. If we have already found happiness inside of ourselves, then these things will only enhance our already happy state of mind. Once you are happy and comfortable with who you are, (not just tolerating who you are) then love becomes an enhancement to your life. You see I lived with this in my life with everything from my relationship, to work, to DRUGS and partying. I was looking for happiness in my life, but I was not looking for it within myself. When the EGO is getting upset with and reacting to a situation, it is because it is afraid of losing something, and it has not let go of the experience it is currently having. It does not like change, because it fears pain and loss. Change makes our EGO feel threatened.

A peaceful state within comes from letting go of these addictions, and our emotional connection to them, and allowing them to enhance our lives but not rule our lives. The Buddhists teach that eating food and drinking water are an addiction. This does not say that these things are not necessary to live, but even living itself can be and addiction. This is because if you fear dying then to live becomes an addiction. You see the EGO is fearful of dieing because it cannot see the possibility of an afterlife. What the EGO needs to be trained to understand is that the SOUL (meaning you) cannot die. The physical body you so grasp onto is just a reflection of a higher aspect of you. So work on the fears you have so that you can convert into the pure love and light that you are at a soul level. All humans are pure love at their soul level. No one is intrinsically evil. If we connect to our higher selves, and let that guide us, then we begin to live from a state of pure love, and then we find peace and joy in our lives. This is how all of the great Masters lived. This is enlightenment.

Recovering From Fear - By: Jeremy McDonald

In the last few years what I have been on is a journey of self discovery. One of the things that I have learned about myself is that I have spent a good majority of my life making judgments, and decisions in fear.

Many of the decisions I have made were based on the fact that the base emotioninside of me was FEAR. I think one of the greatest gifts that I have been given was the opportunity to come to that self realization. My journey in theyears since August of 2006 has been some of the most beautiful days of my life. I have had many major epiphanies and what I have realized is that much of the world, including myself, live in the reactive mode of trying to maintain our security. It makes me want to ask the questions. Where did this FEAR come from?How did it come about?

What modern day science is discovering is that we are the direct reflection of the thoughts and feelings we have in our mind and hearts. So where do these feelings come from? They could come from a number of things … This evening I had the tremendous benefit of hearing a wonderful speaker teach about the fact that we learn many of these fears as a child, some even as a very small baby. The interesting part of this is that babies, when they are first born, do not understand language, they only understand feelings, coming to them from their parents. If they experience neglect, then that feeling will trail throughout their entire life, and affect their sense of security. This will create a potential fear of abandonment and acceptance. When I thought about my own life, I thought that I had a wonderful family, this could not have possibly affected me! What I did not realize is that a baby could misunderstand even the smallest thing, which wouldcreate this feeling in their lives. One of the first milestones that and infant must accomplish in their development is Trust vs Mistrust. An infant needs toknow that when they cry, their mother or father will come and help them. Theyneed to develop that bond with their parents in order to feel secure. There are other developmental milestones along the way of growing up for a child. Each must be accomplished, in order for a child to have a healthy andwhole emotional life when they are adults.

We must also realize that language only makes up only 7 % of our communication skills, and body language makes up 55 %. Voice inflection or feelings make up 38 % of communication. What is fascinating about this is that in our culture, we put such an emphasis on words and language. We create wars because of ourinterpretation of the Bible or other holy books, such as the Qur’an. We fightover the constitution, laws, politics, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientationetc. All based on 7 % of our communication skills! We shun the ideaof using our intuition or instincts which would allow us to look beyond thephysical, and get the feelings behind the words. This is astounding to me! I do not understand why we do not communicate in a way that will help us understand each other on a much higher level.

Today I saw an article that was talking about civil rights being taken away by the current presidential administration. Lately all I have heard people talk about is fear about the economy, jobs going to India etc. What people need to understand about this type of focus is that when we let fear of these things occupy our thoughts and our conversations constantly, then we will see these things happening more and more. There is a saying out there that goes like this: “that which you resist persists.” What this means basically is that if we continue to put energy into the FEAR of losing something, then we will be in a state of losing rights, jobs, money, etc., over and over again. As a collective, we will create a reality in which there is a failing economy, people losing jobs, money, and homes. If youlook throughout history what you will see is the same things happening over andover again based on people’s fears. I say that it’s time to change this cycle! We are all divine creators and it’s time that we started acting like it!! We are not subject to fate and none of us are victims!! Instead let’s find peace within ourselves, and then relax and let the abundance flow. We can have everything we need to live joyful, happy lives if we just relax, and let it happen. When we can find that peace and security within ourselves then we will begin to create peace and abundance for the world. Scientists are nowproving that we are all “One” we are all apart of what they call the quantumfield or matrix (some might want to call this GOD). Modern science has also proven that our thoughts and intents can affect this field directly, and that this has a direct affect on our reality! So understanding that we are all “One” allowsus to understand how one person can create change just by how we feel.

As I sit here and write this very article I think about the misunderstandings I have had in my life, with my last lover, business partner, friends, family, etc. How upset I was at what other people had done! What I have found is that in each occurrence, if I looked at both sides, I could see clearly that each person was speaking but neither was looking at the feelings behind what was being said I would have had a better sense of clarity. In each situation we were focusing only upon the words that were being said. Both parties were talking and acting with their insecurities as well as their fears and as a result reacting to them.

Then I realized how I could change all of this, and lead a peaceful life, filled with love, joy and abundance. I realized that I no longer had to hold onto the fears that had made me upset in the first place. You see, when we are communicating, we often take the words that others are saying personally and react from fear that our reputation, or something else will be taken away from us. This is usually thebasis of anger. Some people have justified their anger to me, saying that “sometimes we need to react and be angry to defend ourselves.” The only thing I want to say back to them is this: “ask yourself if you are reacting from fear or love? If you are reacting from fear then you might consider why you are reacting this way before you actually act upon your feelings.” You see, there are only two base emotions and they are FEAR and LOVE. Every other emotion comes from these two base emotions. So the real question is, which one do you want to operate from? Do you want to continue living in a place of FEAR in which you are constantly trying to maintain your security, and you are always afraid you will lose it? Or do you want to operate from a peaceful loving state? What I realize is that security, freedom, and peacefulness are a state of mind. Even in the worst situations we can still choose our state of mind. One of my favorite figures in history is Viktor Frankl. He was a man that was born in ....Austria....,of Jewish descent. He lived from 1905 to 1996, and he was a prisoner in the Nazi Death Camps during World War II. He taught us one very important lesson. That lesson is this: As sentient, thinking, feeling beings we have one freedom that no one can ever take away from us. This is the powerto choose our own reaction to any given situation that we find ourselvesin. In other words no one can take away how we choose to feel our experience. So even though Dr. Frankl could not change the fact that he was living in a deathcamp, he could choose how he would react to it. So instead of living in FEAR he chose to fill his life with love, compassion, and joy and make the very best of his situation. He spent his days trying to give this very feeling to the others around him. What this man teaches is a very important lesson that we all need to hear. Instead of being enslaved by our fears we can choose to be liberated from them, and choose how we live in our experience. He chose to live from loveinstead of FEAR. Another shining example of this kind of choice is the current Dalai Lama. Even though he is in exile from his home he chose to live a life of love and compassion and not anger and FEAR.

These are just men like us but they have realized that theyare divine creators just like we are! They have chosen to create a world in which they are not enslaved by fear but are instead liberated by love.

Self love - By: Laurie McDonald

How important is self love? How does it affect you ability to love and serve others? It was stated to me this morning that one can love and serve others without loving yourself. On the surface that seems correct, many people live their whole lives doing this very thing. Is this really true though? Let's examine this concept. When you are in a state of being in service to others, always loving and giving to others, but never receiving anything back for yourself, you become co-dependent. You never truly achieve joy and peace in your own soul. You live through your service to others. It becomes your identity. You build expectations of those whom you have served. You think, " I have given them so much, and sacrificed so much, they will surely do well and be happy." You judge those whom you have served. When they do not live up to your expectations, then you are disappointed, and unhappy. How does this make the ones you have served feel? Think about your relationship with your parents, how did you feel the last time they were disappointed in you. Did you feel guilty, and bad about yourself? Evetually did you become angry at them for making you feel this way? How did that damage you? So let's get back to ourselves and the assertion that we can be of service to others, without learning to love ourselves. In retrospect, have we really been of service to others? Or did we really end up making others feel bad when they could not live up to our expectations? When we can learn to love ourselves, then we can truly give compassion, and love to others, without expectations of them. Then the people that we serve can also learn to love themselves, and can give unconditional love to others, and so on, in a ripple effect out to the world. The world would eventually learn to love one another, without judgement. Then you can truly be the changes that you wish to see in the world.



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