Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Universal Law of Unity by: Laurie McDonald

The Law of Unity says that we are all family, that all living creatures are part of the same Universal Consciousness. Namaste is a Hindu greeting that says that our souls are the same, and I recognize the god consciousness in you, as is in me. Yet we are also individual beings with our own thoughts and free will. Let's think about that, We are able to think for ourselves, and control our own lives, and yet we are part of this collective consciousness, able to tap into all of the collective knowledge and memories of all who have ever lived! Wow! As we become more spiritually aware, we become aware of this universal consciousness, and it changes us. We become aware of the fact that we are all part of one family. The child in a war torn village, half way across the world, whose parents were just killed is also us! The enemy soldier, or terrorist who just killed the child's parents, is also us. The woman in New York who was just attacked and raped is us, and so is the rapist who just attacked her! We are all part of the Creator! Jesus taught us that God is in all of us. The idea that we are a part of everyone, and they are also part of us kind of boggles the mind doesn't it. It also makes wars an violence give us a kind of sick feeling. The very idea that you are attacking another yourself, well it's just unthinkable! We can then begin to understand the neccesity of unconditional love and compassion for all. We can embrace our family! Think of the limitless possibilities that we could accomplish in the world then. We can celebrate our uniqueness, and our unity all at once. The world is in the process of becoming more spiritually aware right now. 2012 will be a positive change for all, real hope for the world! What a fabulous time to be alive!

Rev. Laurie McDonald


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