Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Universal Law of Choices by: Laurie McDonald

Reclaim your power! Humanity has been blessed with free will, we control the path we will take through life. This also gives us great responsiblity, this power of choice. Our future is determined by the choices we make now. We may not be able to always control our circumstances, but we can control how we respond to any given situation. The Law of Choices tells us that decisions are made with our actions, not our words. We can choose to follow our internal guidance system, that little voice you have, or that gut feeling, or we can resist. If we resist what our higher self is trying to tell us in favor of instant gratification, then sometimes there are consequences to our choices. Some of the choices we make lead down the easy path, others lead us down paths that have hurdles, and lessons to learn, but allow us to grow spiritually. Eventually, we will be led back into alignment with Universal Law. We must recognize that each choice that we make, either action or inaction, will have consequences. Our willingness to accept those consequences gives us Complete freedom of Choice! You have the power to choose who you are, where you will be, and what you will do! No one can take that from you if you do not allow them to! Once we realize and accept this, then life changes from an obligation, a reality that others control, to a blessing, full of opportunities! That is when you can make miracles happen! So don't wonder if you are in the right job, the right relationship, or if you are on the right path, examine each thing, think about how you feel about it, and make your choices! Live each day by choice, and live it to the fullest. Take control of your power of choice!


Rev. Laurie McDonald


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