Tuesday, October 23, 2007

you are god! by: Jeremy McDonald

Have you ever wondered where all these crazy people came up with the concept of manifesting your own world? The very idea that you are in control, not some divine being that you have never seen before. Where'd they come up with that? It's true you know… you are responsible for yourself and for the outcome of your own life. No one else has the responsibility for your success or your failure.

It was interesting because few years ago I watched this movie called "What the Bleep do we know" and in it one of the speakers said this. "I am saying that you are God" I was lying on my couch and I sat up very quickly and thought, HUH?? But then I realized that what was said was correct. If you are a Christian, then think about what the bible says. It says we are made in God's image. This means that we are made in the image of God, not partially, but fully made in the image of God! Here is something else that will knock your socks off!!! My mother who is my partner in crime for all of the Lamplight messages, events, business etc sent me an email a few days ago that said "READ THIS". Of course being the person I am, I did not read it for a few days. Anyhow, it has a link to the online bible and quotes a verse in the bible that states the following: "Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your Law, I have said you are gods" (John 10:34). WHOA! How come the modern day Christian Church missed this??? They didn't think it was important to tell people this?? Lol! Now don't get me wrong, I know some of you are not Christian and that's okay, I'm only speaking from my experience. Maybe someone could help me with other beliefs and what they say.

Wow, so we are god! Let's ponder this for a little bit. Does this mean we are in total control of our own life, free to make our own decisions in life, whether they are good or bad? Umm Yup!

Let's go on just a little more shall we??? The Universalists believe that we are in total control of our lives, that Jesus did not die for our sins but was a great Spiritual Master. Powerful stuff! Not only does this give us the power to make our own decisions in life without some huge powerful being hanging over us, and judging us, but more importantly we have the power to make our life happen!! We don't have to be afraid! We don't have to constantly judge ourselves, and think that we are inadequate! We are in control!

But wait, there is more!!! Dr. Candace Pert says in her book, "The Molecules of Emotion", that our minds, based on chemistry, are hard wired for feelings of bliss and pleasure. So why would we want to create so much fear in our lives that we cannot feel the bliss and pleasure that we were meant to feel? Here is the thing, the god, goddess, universe or spirit what ever you want to call the prime creator or wants you to enjoy life.

Say it with me, THE CREATOR WANTS YOU TO ENJOY LIFE!!! I have said for years that Fear and Guilt are the only Useless emotions. I want to change that just slightly. If Fear and Guilt take you out of balance then they are WRONG in your life. It's like anything else, WE NEED BALANCE PEOPLE!J Yes, if we had no fear, then nothing would prevent us from going into a known bad neighborhood without some safety precautions. If we do something that hurts another individual then it is our guilt and conscience that pushes us to go make amends. However, if Guilt and Fear consume us and keep us from moving forward then it is wrong. Trust me, I have been there in life.

Anyhow, I just had to share such a powerful message, that we are God, we are a part of God and we are a part of the Universe. YOU are in control and you are the one that can make your life happen! You, and only you can make your life a priority. Only you can make yourself happy!

Blessed be!

Rev. Jeremy McDonald


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