Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Universal Law of Reciprocity by: Jeremy McDonald

This is one Universal Law that it seems has been forgotten while the whole "The Secret" craze is out there. Don't get me wrong what that book teaches you has alot of valid points and the Law of Attraction is a very powerful tool. However, all Universals laws shoudl be practiced to bring balance into ones life. The Law of Reciprocity is the law that states what you give into the Universe is what you will get back. Think about this now if you go out and volunteer at a homeless shelter or you help a friend in need you will get that back 10 fold. Now WAIT! don't just go out and become a volunteer for everything because you want good things to come back to you. BALANCE!!! everyone don't forget about balance. Also if you do good things with just the intention of getting back then you have missed the whole point.

Also here is one more valuable lesson that this law teaches us. What you give out you must have a mutually rewarding exchange. Basically when you go to work everyday do you do it for free? Probably not otherwise you would be working somewhere else. Also, that mutual reward comes from both parties meaning EVEN exchange it cannot always be lopsided with one party giving it's all but not recieving in return. What will end up happening is that eventually the one party will feel neglected even if that was not the intention of the party not giving it's all.

Use this Law and it will improve your outlook on life it will bring more rewarding relationships in your life and will improve your current relationships and in some cases might end some relationships.

Blessed be!

Rev. Jeremy McDonald


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