Saturday, September 22, 2007

what i have learned by: Jeremy McDonald

You can't find happiness until you know what will make you happy. you can't find happiness until you are happy with yourself. Once that happens you will know what direction to face and where you want to head. I teach people in my classes to journal and get into their heart to find out what will make them happy all the way down into their soul. I hear that I dont have enough time or i'm just to tired. My recommendation is this. Turn off that damn TV! i'm serious. Over the last year yes I have a few things I watch but pretty much that thing is a life sucker. It creates mindless drones of people that are not happy and live their lives through that thing. The shows that I do watch. Do I get upset when I miss them no not usually. I have to many other things that keep me busy that have to do with real live people not actors on a screne.

Abraham Maslow taught us about Self Actualization and how this is the highest state of existence. This is where we feel totally complete as a human being and have all our needs taken care of. Realize time is the most precious and most valuable thing you have start making the most of it now!

What I have learned is that you have to heal yourself before you can truly be happy and the only way you can do that is to face the things that hurt you head on. I've been going back to things that have heart me over my life time and fore giving that person and letting it go within my heart. The hardest challenge I am now working on and that's fore giving my ex for what he did to me. It's hard because ever time I do it sends a sharp pain into my heart. However, each day I work on this it makes my heart that much lighter so that one day I'll be able to trust again. I'm getting there slowly but surely. I'm that much closer to Self Actualization each day I work on myself inter personally.

As we should all spend that time to get that much closer.

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