Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Spiritual Healing - Testing the Healing Techniques - Do They Really Work?

A few years ago after I had been doing healing work for a long time I had broke a bone in my body and because I had been doing this work for awhile I was convinced I could heal my broken bone! 

I was thinking this with the EGO idea that I was going to do this with out the help of doctors. So that night I laid in bed running healing energy through my elbow which is what I had broke. It was interesting as I focused my energy the pain was not there... as soon as I fell asleep the most painful feeling I have ever experienced came over me... In the end I left for the emergency room to have them splint my arm

The lesson I learned in this is YES we can heal ourselves and the truth is my arm healing in half the time then most people... However, I did need the doctors to set my arm.. help me immobilize it and even take x-rays to confirm what I already knew...Also there was great spiritual lessons on asking for help and working with the flow of the universe instead of being in resistance with the universe.

All great profound lessons...

This article is about the authors journey of showing herself if healing works or not...



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