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Death Makes Life Possible - Dr Marilyn Schlitz

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Numerology in Bible: 22 bones of the skull and 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet - From: Stillness in the Storm

Numerology in Bible: 22 bones of the skull and 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet
Source - Gnostic Warrior

In numerology, the number 22 is often called the Master Builder. The Phoenician-Hebrews possess 22 books, and their alphabet is made up of 22 letters, which was created to compose the Word of God. The word of God is called a lamp (Psalms 119:105, Proverbs 6:22), and the light by which we are to live. The word light is found 264 times in Scripture. When 264 is divided by the perfect number 12 (the 12 planets in the heavens), we have twenty-two, which represents the light.

22 is also the Number of Revelation. In the 22 chapter gospel of John, he identifies himself as the Alpha and Omega which would be the first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet, Aleph and Tav. The Number 22 unites the entire body of Scripture and is also the numerical value for the Hebrew word Yachad, meaning unite. The word light is also repeated 22 times, and on the 22nd time, John quotes Jesus: “I have come as a light into the world . . .” (John 12:46).

The kabbalah teaches us that there are 22 paths between the Sephirot, and the letters of the Hebrew alphabet are the building blocks of universe. The underlying occult scientific significance of the number 22 in science would represent the bones of the skull, of which there are twenty-two. 8 form the cranium, or braincase, and 14 are associated with the face.

Our brains are what we use to think, reason and come to know the divine or God. The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet created to compose the Word of God is our 22 boned skull, and the place where we receive the light to become illuminated, or enlightened beings. Hence, to be like Saint John and have our own Revelation.

This number 22 is the gnostic Key to revelation in the Bible, where it is revealed in Isaiah 22.22: “And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open.”

More facts on the number 22:

* 22 books in the Aaronic (Levitical) Old Testament, which is the light of God for Israel

* There are twenty-two generations from Adam to Jacob.

* When Moses raised up the tabernacle of God, there were exactly 22,000 Levites consecrated to serve.

* The 119th psalm is divided into 22 parts, designated by the names of the letters, aleph, beth, gimel, daleth &c.

* The 25th psalm contains 22 verses, each of which begins with a different letter of the alphabet, from aleph to tau.

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I Can Make Millions on the Fashion!!! By: Mary Morony

I interviewed a wonderful woman tonight on Soul Talk: The Author of the book: Apron Strings - Mary Morony.. before interviewing her as I always do I did some research on her and read this on her blog.  It made me ponder for just a bit.. thinking about the fact that as our fades change we are always out of reach from what is considered to be the elite or the "IN" thing to do. Making me realize that none of us can truly measure up so to speak based on the "fashion" ... so what makes us measure up? Being Authentic to who we are! being in the now of the moment and following  our own inner world that makes us happy! that's what makes us wonderful and that's what makes life an incredible journey... you can hear the interview I did with her at this link: Mary Morony Interview 


Is it just me, or have you noticed too? Whatever the current body type is “the fashion” seems to be just out of reach of us mere mortals. I am not so sure that isn’t a good thing.

Back when food wasn’t so readily available to the masses “the fashion” was to be very corpulent. Then was a show of wealth to be so. Now that we have designed food to pack on the pounds, to get us really looking prosperous the fashion is ├╝ber thin to the point of looking a little “wormy.” Certainly not a condition a thinking person would strive to achieve, but it reminds me of cute boy I used to know.

As you know from Apron Strings, I love to hear a child’s point of view. More than a few years ago, I was taking my turn at car pool. The kids and I were chatting about inventions. One of my favorites offered up by a then ten year old was a diet pill. With a true capitalist’s gleam in his eye he said, “I can make millions!” I agreed that if you could actually get one to work you probably would make millions, but since he wasn’t a chemist how did he purpose to already have a formula? He said, “I’d put worm eggs in pills so that they got a good dose of worms. When they lost all of the weight they wanted to loose I’d worm them.”

Another scathing commentary from the mouth of babes, don’t you just love the way kids think?

Her website is: Mary Morony

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7 Beautiful Lessons You Can Learn From “Failed” Relationships - From: Finer Minds

Lessons You Can Learn From "Failed" Relationships

Many believe that past relationships are a sign of failure or waste of time with the wrong person. Yes, relationships leave us with feelings of sorrow, uncertainty, and guilt, but there is much wisdom from these uncomfortable emotions. 

Instead of trying to understand “Why did it end?”, the real question is “What lessons am I meant to learn?” 

People are brought together, in relationships, to help us grow and evolve. Sometimes the purpose is to test you, teach you. Some will use you and others bring the best out in you. If your spiritual lessons are complete, the relationship will no longer serve your highest good, and your paths will naturally separate so you can continue growing.

I’ve spent much time looking at the past to find answers, only to find that we must focus on the lessons, not the mistakes, to move on gracefully and attract new relationships.

Here are 7 beautiful lessons we can only learn from past relationships:  

1. People don’t belong to you

I used to feel that when I was committed to someone, they belonged to me. I chose you, so you’re MY boyfriend! People are not possessions, they play certain roles in your life but ultimately, they are responsible for themselves. Setting healthy boundaries is necessary, but evaluate whether you’re placing limitations on another person due to insecurity, fear, or jealousy. Communicate and create boundaries from a space of trust, honoring the other, and self-love.

2. We all need “Me Time”

From a spiritual perspective, we are meant to grow individually and grow together in a relationship. To be successful in a relationship, each person needs space to embrace their uniqueness, and heal their flaws. It’s painful when you lose yourself in the process of loving another. Trust me, I know! Remember, you are special too! You each have your own life lessons and experiences which may not involve the other.  Honor the other’s life mission and allow space for your own passion and journey to unfold. Being in love with someone doesn’t mean you have to spend every waking hour with the person, have your identity merge into theirs,and forget about your own dreams and aspirations. Finding love means making the most of the moments you have together, while honoring the time you spend apart doing the things that make you feel alive.

3. You complete yourself. Period.

Jerry McGuire screwed up our sense of relationships with the “You complete me.” junk. We are setting ourselves for co-dependency issues if we are seeking to find validation and love from a source outside ourselves. We complete ourselves! In the past, I needed a man to validate me, and my self-worth deteriorated when I wasn’t in a relationship.
By believing we are searching for the one to complete us, we are giving our power away, and our happiness is at the mercy of another.  You have to love, honor and respect yourself in order to set that standard for others to do the same. If you aren’t happy with yourself inside, you won’t find that happiness in a relationship either. You have to cultivate self-love and happiness in your life first, before you can share it with another.

4. You can only change yourself, so stop trying.

Don’t fool yourself to believing you will transform your boyfriend into YOUR Mr. Right if you work on his temper, if he loses 10 lbs, or he becomes more ambitious. Sure, we can motivate others by our example, but forcing someone to change is not honoring the other person’s free will.
Be in a relationship with a person for who they are right now. If you still want them to change, ask yourself why you are in the relationship to begin with?  The only constant in life is change. People grow when they feel the internal desire to make a shift. Being forced to change is temporary and can give rise to feelings of resentment. If you find that you don’t like when your boyfriend has a short temper, then change the way you react to the situation. Respond from a space of calm. When you shift your energy, the other will automatically feel your change. People are motivated to change by the example you lead, not the words you speak.

5. The “lust” period doesn’t last forever. 

Understanding the difference between love and lust allows us to be prepared when the real deal arrives. Butterflies in the stomach, dressing to impress, texting and talking for hours a night – these are all signs of lust. These things usually fade and love will take place. Love is about accepting an imperfect being and loving them for their flaws. It’s about being authentic and sharing your flaws openly without fear of being judged. Love grows in a place that vulnerability is cultivated. When you can share the good, bad, and the ugly with someone and trust that they will support you through your challenges and good times, that is when a relationship creates love.

6. Some relationships are simply here to teach us how to gracefully let go.  

Letting go gracefully, with complete forgiveness and love for the other person requires understanding and self-forgiveness. There are certain relationships that are brought to us not as the happily ever after, but to teach you how to honorably let go and grieve the loss of a relationship.  Letting go is a powerful lesson we all face. We don’t’ take our current baggage to future relationships when we give ourselves time to fully grieve.

7. Relationships are a direct reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves.

In relationships, when we find ourselves triggered or reactive, we haven’t gone inside to heal our fears and anxieties and miss the opportunity to convey love. When we recognize our responsibility in the situation, we can then make an empowered choice to heal our past and shift to more loving perceptions.  The more we act from our higher self, the more self-love we cultivate. It is from this internal space of abundance that we are able to freely share and receive love to transform our relationships.
Every past mistake is an opportunity, to do the inner work, to heal our soul and connect more meaningfully in all our relationships. After going inside and surrendering fears in meditation, you can bring your higher self forward in each future relationship. Practice that real connection where you act, speak and love from your higher self and love will be returned to you.

We put so much emphasis and importance on first kiss, first crush and first boyfriend. Yes, firsts are important, but in the realm of relationships, it’s the last person that matters. All your past relationships helped you grow, and the last one ended your search to find your soul mate.

Tejal Patel is former divorce attorney turned children’s yoga teacher, spiritual counselor and aspiring author. She is passionate about teaching children the gifts of yoga and mindfulness, and she empowers adults, through her weekly VLOGS and spiritual seekers coaching to live consciously, spread love and create peace in their life to empower children to do the same.

Source: Finer Minds 

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Why not you!?!?

Recently I went and saw a good friend of mine graduate from college, as the president of the college spoke he made the announcement, the youngest student graduating was 17 years old and the oldest was 72 years old. A significant difference in age!  That in itself was inspiring!

What really inspired me though, was one of the student speakers who told the story about how prior to him attending college he had, had 85 jobs, making him move to over five states, he was fired at many of these jobs and had been advised that he had a “CHIP” on his shoulder (in short a bad attitude). What was inspiring about this speaker was when he explained, his experience, as he went to college and as a result of his hard work to get good grades he was invited to be in Honors College…

The nature of his message was this… Why not YOU!?!?! 

This young man remembered the feedback he was given about having a chip on his shoulders and used that feedback to motivate himself. He also asked himself the question: Why not me?!?! This very question landed him an internship at NASA as well as many other exciting new opportunities in his life. Because as he asked himself this question he opened himself up to the possibility that what he wanted could really happen.
I smiled big as this young graduate inspired me. All my life I have asked myself the question of why me not me!?! I have pushed myself when others thought I could not do something. The truth is there is nothing we cannot do! NOTHING! All it takes is 20 seconds of courage or a leap of faith. What would your life be like if every day you faced something that scared you, what would it be like if you pushed yourself beyond your limits? Where would you be if you pulled together just enough bravery to break the status quo to break the rules and be the most authentic you that you could possibly be?

This is what it required of you in order to live a purposeful life full of joy and happiness. To “DARE” a little, to let loose a little! To take a risk to be a bit “WEIRD” to allow yourself to be FREE!

The “CHIP” on his shoulders was a “CHIP” I had on my shoulders for many years and this chip is on a lot of our shoulders, something we all at some level go through as we develop into adulthood, as we grow wiser. I thought to myself the journey I had been through as I had gone through my teens, twenties and thirties…Thinking of all the times I felt I was not loved, or accepted. Thinking of the journey I had when I didn’t think I was not good enough until I started asking myself: Why not me?

So where does this “CHIP” come from you ask? Well the story behind how it is created can be different but the core to all of it is FEAR… What do we fear? My friends it is as simple as; fear of success, we fear not succeeding, we fear maybe what everyone else has said is true.. we just fear to be afraid!

In our world we can either be in the flow or out of flow.  A good friend of mine says: “You are either IN or you are OUT!” So basically you are either in the flow of the universe or you are in resistance to it.

When you ask yourself “Why not me?” you automatically put yourself into flow with the universe and by asking, you allow the infinite possibilities to work through you.

So how do I get myself into the mindset of “Why not me?” well it takes practice! When in doubt then you practice even more. I will also lay out a few things to think about, which by no means is a checklist for you to follow. It is very important for you to allow yourself to go with what you feel. This is just meant to help you with a reference point.

1. Allow yourself to take a risk (maybe fall down a few times and get a few bruises)
      2. Be Gentle with yourself (Hey buddy! It’s okay to screw up on occasion, so giggle with yourself instead of yelling at yourself)
      3. Be okay with the fact that you might not have any idea where you are going for a very long time!
.     4. When you finally get a clear idea, then start setting clear intentions, however… it takes life to help you formulate dreams (dream ideas don’t just happen by sitting on your couch you know!)
      5. Get up and ACT! It is vital to ACT! The universe does not move by sitting.. it does not move from you waiting! (what are you waiting for? The man to land on the moon? Oh wait already happened! And you are still sitting there! 
      6. My friends LIVE! JUST LIVE! And then BE.. so this is a loving suggestion Live, Be, Live be…. You go out and live and then sit in stillness to assimilate…  J so then you are in a constant state of experience and processing…
      Ask yourself the question to whatever it is you want to do. Why not you? Now go out and act on it!