Monday, February 20, 2017

Love? What is it exactly? What is it in this modern day world?

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In this polarity world what will keep us in balance? The answer is simple.... Love.. what is love? That's what we talk about in this presentation...

Love the word that is overused, mis-understood and because it is so overused people sometimes do not trust the word itself.

In this hour we talk about what Love is, Self love and the empowerment of living in our heart Chakra. How can this energy build peace in this world and bring truth to the world.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Raymond Moody - Stages of Grief

Sunday, October 30, 2016

“Hades,” a place of conscious torment

I have often wondered why "HADES" is mentioned in the bible as well as in Greek Mythology...

This is mainly because I was raised to think if it was not in the bible then it was evil or of the devil. So when I have heard reference to HADES the Greek God of the underworld and the mention of HADES in the bible...

I've paused wondering why it is in both places? Did the Christians steal this for their stories? Or were these stories passed down through years ultimately ending up in the bible writers hands? It is conceivable that the later of these thoughts is what happened even though both are very conceivable.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Chakra Maintenance - How to Heal the Heart Chakra

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By: Carla Goddard; October 17, 2016

Love is a divine power that empowers the heart center. It is healing of the self. A major area in the energy system that can become blocked or clogged, is the heart center.

This center is where our own experiences in life have developed. Our own perceptions. If something emotionally feels good - you create a perception of that person, place or action as a good emotional uplift. The opposite is also true. Thus this experience can be blocking point when a perception causes fear. Fear of emotional pain, fear of not being emotionally strong enough, or fear of change itself. If I change, how will I self-identify? When your heart center is fully maintained you will connect deeply with others, you will open your heart to have healthy relationships, you will be able to forgive yourself and others, and you will be able to rise above all anger, hatred, and dis-harmony so that you may experience an inner peace.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

How Can We Change Our DNA Right Now?

Source: click here
This is an interesting article about the authors experiments with their intentions pertaining to water and also with food. 

In my experience it is super important for us to experiment with our intentions/manifestations and see what will work for us find out what our blocks are.

Our bodies were created to experiment oi this world and there are many times we are to afraid to try new things.  When we allow ourselves to go outside of our comfort zone then we give ourselves the opportunity to grow.

Yes it is true we need to practice discernment, and also we need to remember discernment comes from wisdom and wisdom comes from experience. My suggestion is to go deep within yourself and ask your inner voice what you should or should not do and ask it to guide you as you go out and experience life. Your inner voice knows exactly where to take you.

Much Love and enjoy the article.


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